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Em Rusciano returned to radio this morning and talked about her miscarriage.

Radio host Em Rusciano returned to the airwaves on Monday and spoke of the miscarriage she had been grieving in her two-week absence from work.

Back hosting 2DayFM’s Em Rusciano Radio Show with Harley Breen, the 38-year-old shared with listeners her experience of the last two weeks dealing with the loss of her unborn son, Ray.

“I was nearly 14 weeks pregnant… and found out that I’d lost my son, Ray. We named him Ray Valentino, which is an excellent musician name,” she said.

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Rusciano shared with her Facebook followers that “my little boy was lost to me” the day after it happened on May 20.

She told listeners that her decision to open up then and again on radio was to take control of her story and to speak for those women who’d had a similar experience.

“It’s been a time of questioning all that I hold dear, and also a time of realising that one in four pregnancies end this way and when I talked about it publicly, I had upwards of 20,000 women say ‘this has happened to me as well’, and I think it’s something we don’t talk about.”

“Not because we’re ashamed, but it’s deeply personal and it happens inside your body so it’s like the ultimate betrayal of your body. It’s hard not to blame yourself and wonder what you’ve done wrong.”

Em Rusciano shared the reason behind her absence with listeners Monday morning. (Image via 2DayFM.)

Rusciano, who has daughters Marchella and Odette, said the past two weeks had been made up of a mix of emotions.

"It's something that I think has re-wired my cells and my DNA," Rusciano said.

"I feel like every time I laugh or have fun I'm kind of betraying his memory, but what I found out the last two weeks is you can be happy and sad at the same time -- which is what I've been."

The mum thanked her Facebook followers for their kind words and messages of solidarity.

"All the support I've received has been so amazing, and it's been heard... I just wanted to let all the women know I feel you and I see you, and I know the fact that you got through it and you were able to tell me there's a light under the door has really helped me."

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