Rival radio host Em Rusciano goes after Kyle Sandilands in angry Facebook message.

Radio host Em Rusciano has posted a very strongly-worded Instagram post aimed at her rival Kyle Sandilands.

“Dear Kyle Sandilands,” she begins her post.

“I sold out the Opera [sic] house in 20 minutes last week, indeed my whole national tour sold out.”

“My audio book [sic] in number one in the country, and my radio show has twice the engagement levels online than yours does.


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“I don’t feel humiliated or pathetic in any way shape or form.

“The radio ratings will come, and the fact that you keep mentioning me on your show proves that you know it too.”

Rusciano finished off her post with a “All the best buddy, Em”.

The post came after Sandilands made comments about Rusciano’s radio show on his radio show this morning after the KIIS FM show won yet another ratings survey.

“That is humiliating. They are terrible ratings,” Sandilands said about The Em Rusciano Show.

“You cannot make one dollar with those ratings.

“They are down to 2.9 of the market. Wow.”

He then offered buy 2 Day FM to “save them from embarrassment”.

“I offer you now 2 Day FM, I will buy your license for $20,” he said. “I offered them $1 million recently now I offer them $20.”

“That is what 2 Day FM should do. Stop paying to know that you are pathetic.”

We have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ll hear about this lil’ rivalry.

Time to grab the popcorn.

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