Comedian and radio host Em Rusciano weighs in on the 'mummy blogger' war.

Em Rusciano has weighed in on the online feud between high-profile Australian bloggers Constance Hall and Lisa Shearon.

The comedian today penned a passionate Facebook post slamming Shearon for firing the opening shots, in what she described as a “poisonous” and “unnecessary” personal attack on the Like A Queen author.

“I think the blog post that woman wrote to shit on Contance Hall and her Queen movement was every level of unnecessary,” Rusciano began.

“A difference of opinion is one thing, I get it, we all live, love and parent in our own ways; but that was targeted, personal and very public.”

The whole saga began when Shearon posted an article to her popular blog The Notorious Mum titled “I may be many things, but a queen I am not.”

The lengthy piece railed against the “cult-like, hero-worship aspect” of Hall’s online community, suggested it framed “motherhood as a form of oppression” and argued that it made post-baby “belly rolls” appear superior to over a healthy and active lifestyle.

She also took aim at shortcomings in Hall’s grammar and spelling.

Lisa Shearon and Constance Hall. Images: Facebook.

"Like all good cults – sorry, movements – queendom started with the best of intentions. It continues with the best of intentions. It raises ALL THE MONEY for good causes. I am RIGHT behind that. It makes lost, lonely mothers feel like they’re part of a gang. That is the good shit," she wrote.

"But I’m putting my hand up here and saying: I’m not a queen. A queen mother, maybe, but not a queen."

Hall responded by writing a (now deleted) Facebook post to her more than 970,000 followers, to say that Shearon's words had left her fighting off "a major panic attack".

Image: Facebook

Supporters on either side of public tousle took aim in the days following, attacking the other primarily via social media.

As Shearon wrote on Facebook yesterday, "They came in their hundreds, abusing and insulting and hell-bent on destroying."

However, while Rusciano thinks it's "shit" people have been attacking the Perth mother, she believes she should have seen it coming.

"Bothering to deconstruct someone in such a poisonous fashion was always going to have consequences, I'm surprised the blogger is surprised at the vitriol coming her way," she wrote.

"And the comments about Con's spelling and punctuation, seriously? She could've easily written a blog post about how she's against the current trend to tell the warts and all truth about parenting online, without naming and shaming anyone.

"Played the ball and not the man."

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