Em Rusciano claims Bachelorette Sophie Monk has "played everyone".

The Bachelorette wrapped last week with a trademark happily-ever-after ending. But if you ask Em Rusciano, we’ve all been had.

Speaking on air this morning the 2DAY FM host claimed the series’ star Sophie Monk, 37, not only hasn’t found love with her final pick Stu Laundy, but that she was never really seeking it in the first place.

“I think everyone is underestimating Sophie Monk. I think Sophie Monk has got exactly what she wanted to get out of this show,” the comedian told listeners of Em Rusciano with Harley Breen.

“I think she’s a smart businesswoman, that she wants to be in the entertainment industry and I think she’s become Australia’s darling. Everyone got to see her true skill and talent as a human and I think that she’s really played a trick on everyone, because the ultimate prize for her is going to be great career, not a man.

“I think she’s played everyone, and I salute that and I high five Sophie Monk.”

em rusciano bachelorette sophie monk
"She's played everyone". Rusciano salutes actress/singer/reality star Sophie Monk. Images: Getty.

The 38-year-old's comments were prompted by Monk and Laundy's appearance on The Project on Friday night, one that has been widely labelled as uncomfortable and tense.

"I watched them on The Project together and in my opinion, and I'm not saying it's right... I don't think there's a skerrick of romance between the two of them," said Rusciano.

"She, to me, looked uncomfortable and cagey and like she didn't want be there."

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Rumours that the couple have split have been widely circulated via the media since the finale last week, in which Monk chose the millionaire publican and father of four over fellow finalist Jarrod Woodgate.

But they pair claim they're still together, "very happily".

"Of course we are," Monk told The Project panellist Meshel Laurie.

"I've seen all the articles," the former pop singer continued. "I'm pregnant [too] apparently."