Em Rusciano has a very important message for the young women of Australia.

Em Rusciano describes herself as a “comedian, singer, writer, TV and radio presenter, MC, mother of two, and fancy lady,” but after her appearance on Monday’s episode of The Project, she can definitely add “professional advice-giver” to that list.

The 37-year-old was discussing her new book Try Hard when Carrie Bickmore asked about one section in particular.

“You’ve written a ‘Just in case of death’ letter in this book,” Bickmore said, referring to a part of the book aimed specifically at Rusciano’s daughters Marchella, 15, and Odette, 9.

“What is that, and have they read it?”

Rusciano explained, “Every time I go away, I don’t know if other parents do this… I’m worried I have so much wisdom to impart on them, like no one can wear white pants, don’t have plastic bra straps… so I write them a letter.”

"No one can wear white pants," said Rusciano. Image via Channel 10.

"Then I thought, if I could put them in a book, I could put them in there, and if something happens to me [I could give it to them]."

Bickmore laughed, conceding that she doesn't write those types of letters. But for Rusciano, it's more about having the opportunity to impart very valuable advice.


"It's important, like, 'Don't touch your pubic hair, just leave it alone'," she said, before continuing, "don't overpluck your eyebrows."

Immediately, Pete Hellier's reaction had the audience laughing.

It would appear Peter Helliar has never struggled with either of these issues. Image via Channel 10.

Committed to getting her very crucial message across, Rusciano continued, "I'm a product of the '90s. I overplucked. And you don't get your eyebrows back."

It was at this point that she turned, facing the camera straight on, and delivered a heartfelt plea to the girls of Australia:

"Can I just say, to the girls of Australia, you keep those bushy brows, okay? Because they are amazing."

Bickmore agreed, saying, "They're on trend at the moment."

Yes, yes they are. And indeed, the dangers of overplucking is a lesson many of us have learned the hard way.

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