When The Block premieres on Sunday, two new faces will be extremely familiar.

When The Block premieres on Sunday night, and the new contestants take centre stage to be thrust – almost immediately – into the spotlight, there’s one renovator who won’t be as fazed by the attention.

Elyse Knowles, Australian model and Instagram star, will appear as one of the contestants on the reality renovating show alongside her boyfriend Josh Barker.

Knowles, who has upwards of 600,000 followers on Instagram and who has worked extensively with Billabong, has been filming the hit show for the last three months, and told The Daily Telegraph it was humbling to step away from social media for so long.

“Hanging out with tradies for the last three months you realise none of that matters and why am I worrying so much about trying to be a certain someone … I’m over it,” she told the paper.

Elyse Knowles and Josh Barker.

“When you take a step back you realise you don’t have to be so competitive.”

Joining Knowles on the program will be former Bachelorette star and winner Lee Elliot, who will work as a plumber on the series.

The Nine Network confirmed to Now To Love that Elliot will be working on this season's homes.

The newest season of The Block has been filmed at an Elsternwick site, with contestants taking on one house each, rather than an apartment block. Knowles and Barker will be joined by four other teams in the competition.

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