Children's entertainer revealed to be a $420 an hour escort.

How’s this one for versatility: A children‘s entertainer in the UK who works as an Elsa entertainer by day also doubles as a $420-an-hour escort by night.

Jemma Clarke, 24, spends many-a-day in East Sussex performing for young children as Elsa from Frozen, often co-ordinating children’s parties and being the main source of attraction for kids.

The Sun are reporting that the children’s entertainer also masquerades as an adult entertainer and escort who goes by the name of Holly Lush who charges up to £220-an-hour (approx. AU$420) for her services.

For punters sussing out her online adult profile, Clarke boasts of her work on children’s parties, saying she relishes the other work she also dabbles in.


“I’ve managed to build up children’s parties, including mascot outfits, face paints and much more magical fun.”

She goes on: “I am a massive kid at heart, with excellent people skills for all ages.”

The Sun were also reporting that Clarke advertises the same number for both jobs, which would no doubt make it a tad tricky to decipher what kind of job she was agreeing to upon picking up her phone.

It also appears Clarke enjoys the charitable part of being a children’s entertainer, with The Sun revealing she has taken part in charity events dressed as Princess Elsa to raise money for kids in Uganda.

Regardless of which path she pursues later, anyone who can juggle such conflicting careers by day and night has our respect.

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