BACH FLUFF: Here's what we weren't shown about Elora's "rejected kiss".

When Elora was unceremoniously dumped from The Bachelor amid a flurry of rumours that she set fire to her memories – literally – and stormed out of the house, she’s been fielding questions from the media about those rumours and that kiss.

(That kiss being the failed cocktail party kiss, where the Tahitian was rejected, very publicly, by Matty J. But you know that already, because following The Bachelor is both a full-time job and an art.)

However, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, the contestant has shared her frustration with the way that scene was framed, arguing the reason she tried to kiss him in that setting was because she had before.

“It wasn’t the first time I kissed him at a cocktail party,” she told the magazine, saying she kissed him at another cocktail party where he took her “to the Secret Garden”.

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“We kissed on- and off-camera. Even when the mic guy was fixing my mic, Matty was kissing me. But that was not on TV, it just wasn’t shown. What happens in the Secret Garden stays in the Secret Garden, in a way.

“If I felt confident enough to do it, it’s because we have crossed that line before where we were kissing at a cocktail party. I felt a little bit betrayed by Matty, if anything.”

What? Didn’t you know? The Bachelor is edited!

Shocking, I know.

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