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Two Bachelor contestants are now 'dating' Love Island contestants. Because of course.

Excuse us.

But we need to talk about the incestuous nature of Australia’s teeny, tiny reality TV industry.

They all be dating each other and it’s hard for us mere mortals to keep up.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m worried that these very tanned people don’t know how to date anyone who hasn’t also been on a reality TV show, or used the word “journey” in a non-ironic way.

Is there some kind of dating app for ex-reality TV contestants?

Is it called Banter?

Do you swipe right only if you can see yourself having a prearranged picnic with this person and talking about your “feelings” in front of an entire TV crew?

Do they meet at a support group for beautiful people who were rejected by slightly more beautiful people on a national TV show?

I need answers pls.

Anywho, in the last couple of weeks there have been rumours-a-circulatin’ that two ex Love Island contestants have started dating ex-Bachelor alums.

First, Bachelor in Paradise’s Leah Costa posted a photo of herself with Love Island’s John James on Instagram.


Although they haven’t confirmed that they’re dating, they’re probably windsurfing/snorkling/abseiling right now and talkin’ about their feelings.

Secondly, Elora Murger – the fire-twirlin’ Apollo stealin’ Bachelor in Paradise alum – is dating Charlie Taylor from Love Island… kind of.

According to The Fix, Elora and Charlie have been “spending time together” since their mutual friend Jake Ellis introduced them to each other.

They’re taking things slow apparently and doin’ some cheesy flirting on Instagram.

elora murger charlie taylor leah costa john james together
Some gelato-based banter. Image: Instagram.

"Whilst Charlie is a wonderful guy, I am still getting over my breakup, so we are just spending time together just as friends now," she told The Fix.

"I am surrounding myself with amazing friends and focusing on my career at the moment."


We just need to put them all on an island somewhere, give them an endless supply of mango daiquiris, and see what happens.

It would be the Love Island/Bachelor in Paradise crossover we're all secretly hoping for.