We have reason to believe Megan Marx finds love on Bachelor in Paradise. With Elora.

We always knew it would be good.

When you grab a bunch of former reality stars longing for an extra chance at fame love and throw them on an island with cameras following their every move, the product will always be a ratings driver.

But what the trailers hadn’t hinted until now was the fact Megan Marx – who dated former Bachelor contestant Tiffany Scanlon – would potentially find love with Elora Murger, one of the contestants from Matty J’s season.

In a new trailer for the show, Marx is heard saying Murger is “definitely” her “kind of girl”, as footage plays of them kissing in the ocean and then again lying next to each other on what looks like a bed.

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In the months since filming wrapped, Marx and Murger have posed for photos together on Instagram.

The trailer also shows Keira Maguire in tears and clearly frustrated with another castmate.

“You do not f**k with me, you’re f**king with the wrong person.”

Later, she tells the camera she is looking for someone who wants to be with her for her, and not just for a rose.

“I just want someone to love me for me,” she says.

“It’s really hard.”

Tears aside, this is going to be gooooooood. Very good.