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"We're too different." The Bachelor's Elly Miles on why Matt Agnew really sent her home.

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On this season of The Bachelor, one thing is certain.

If you tell bachelor Matt Agnew you don’t think Abbie Chatfield is as sincere as she appears, he’ll put this fingers in his ears and scream “LALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU”.

(Okay, so there’s no actual yelling, but Matt will ignore your every word and send you packing instead).

In case you want to have your heart broken again, here’s Elly being evicted from The Bachelor mansion. Post continues below video.

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The latest to fall victim was fan-favourite Elly Miles, 24, despite Matt choosing to spend extra time with her after a group date all about figuring out who he had the strongest connection with.

Then, as he helped her into a limo, he contradicted precisely everything we knew to be true and told her he had stronger connections with the four remaining women. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It was confusing for her, the other bachelorettes, Osher, me, you, Scott Morrison, the Queen, extraterrestrial beings etc.

Mamamia recaps The Bachelor. Post continues below audio.

Speaking to Mamamia, Elly said she hadn’t received any clarification from the Bach about his decision, but she considered it to be more about their differences than because she vocalised her concerns about Abbie.

“I think Matt tapped out when I told him I wanted chooks,” she joked. “I’d like to think it wasn’t [due to the talk about Abbie] because I didn’t get that vibe off Matt.


“The day that I gave him that flanno [at the cocktail party], there was a part that didn’t make it to air where we were talking about our feelings and what not and I opened up a bit about being scared that I’d get all the way to the end and it wouldn’t be me because we were too different.

“Matt’s a bit of a city slicker and I’m a country girl, I guess I was a little bit concerned that we were too different in that aspect and I was scared to let myself go falling in love with him if we just weren’t going to be right for each other down the line because of those reasons. I feel like since that point, I know that he pulled back a bit and was actually trying to figure out ‘Do I have a long-standing future with Elly after all of this?'”

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Although it would be easy to let the bad blood takeover, Elly was typically diplomatic when asked why she thought Abbie was still safe after so many people (including Matt's best friend Kate) warned him about her intentions.

"I think they really do have a strong connection. I guess that's just what it comes down to. Everyone can see the sexual chemistry and the lust and all of that, that's painted all over the screen, but there must be something more. The heart wants what it wants at the end of the day and he wouldn't keep someone around unless he sees a future with them."


Elly said she has totally moved on from her Bachelor experience (we can't think of a better way to get over heartbreak than a 10 week trip to Europe straight after filming), and is doing really well.


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Where do I start? What an amazing, journey I have been on this year.. 6 months off work, taking a leap of faith going on @thebachelorau at a chance of finding love! For me, that did not happen! And honestly, I am not mad about it one little bit! I made friendships with some truly amazing women and shared in an experience with them that tested us all beyond what you could imagine. I have since ventured off to Europe with my amazing sister @happylittlebeckymite ! I’m choking up as I write this because it was honestly the most life changing trip. The fun I had is difficult to put into words... I have for sure been bitten by that pesty travel bug. So many more wonderful people have made their way into my life from that trip that I just couldn’t imagine being without. I am beyond grateful for this year.. it wasn’t my year for love but it sure was my year for friendship and adventure. It’s been the best year yet and I bloody can’t wait to see what the future has in store! All of my love to everyone who has supported me and joined me on this journey, your kindness fills my heart with so much happiness ????????

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Speaking to her, it is clear that in real life Elly is no different to how she came across on the show. That genuineness is likely why she has been flooded with love and support from strangers since the season began.

"It's so surreal, it is really weird," she said of the public response and sweet messages she's received.

"It's so humbling though, to see all the support and kind words come my way, it's just like 'Oh wow'. It's just nice.

"I'm still adjusting to it, you know, I walk down the street and I don't feel like anyone should know who I am but someone will stop me and say 'G'day'. It's lovely to have people you don't know feel like they know you and speak so highly of you, even though you've never met them."