FLUFF: The Voice contestant told to "fix her face".

OUCH. We’re filing the advice to “fix your face” under Cruel Reconstructive Criticism.

It’s what 29-year-old The Voice contestant Elly Oh was told when she first wanted to be a Korean pop star.

Elly’s beautiful, and more the point, has an extraordinary voice. But Korean pop – or K Pop — is a really harsh industry.

“I wanted to become a K-Pop singer when I was 18 but at the time, back then I had some issues. Some management company said I have to fix my face first,” she told SBS.

Elly went on to say “luckily, here [in Australia] people tell me I’m cute, I’m lucky, but in Korea I’m not a pretty face. Honestly.”

OBVIOUSLY, Elly Oh’s face is gorgeous wherever she is. But the thing about K-Pop is that every single female singer has to look identical. Have a really close look at these K-Pop singers. If you really concentrate, they have the same face… Exactly. The. Same.

Plastic surgery is virtually compulsory for anyone wanting to join a K-Pop group. That’s why sadly, Elly’s revelation didn’t surprise many K-Pop fans on Facebook:

As we said, it’s a really hectic industry.

Elly. Babe. Keep your gorgeous face and stay here in Australia, where we adore you.

Here’s some K-Pop pictures we prepared earlier.

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