Ooft. Elly Miles just publicly berated her sister’s winner Pete Mann, and more in Celeb in 5.

1.  Ooft. Elly Miles just publicly berated her sister’s winner Pete Mann.

Just one day after The Bachelorette finale we were told that Becky Miles had sadly split from her winner Pete Mann. 

Then came more bad news. It turned out Pete had dumped her just three days after filming the finale... over FaceTime.

Now her younger sister Elly has called the 34-year-old out on it.

"I am devastated for her," Elly told The Daily Telegraph.

"I think she just feels disappointed and I guess a little bit cheated because he wasn't as transparent as he should have been and she could have picked the other guy and actually made a real shot at it because he was 100 per cent in."

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Elly went on to say that Pete could have been more up front about the way he was feeling.

"He could have been more honest, that is all we asked for at the beginning of the experience," she told the publication. "I don't think he was really in touch with himself."

It comes after runner-up Adrian Baena confirmed that he briefly dated Becky after the show. 

"Me and Becky, we kept in contact. Then we decided what the heck, let's meet up, let's see what happens. I went in with an open mind. What did I have to lose, nothing," he shared in an Instagram video on Monday. 


Alas, Adrian explained that in the end he couldn't see Becky as anything more than a friend.

Here's hoping Becky finds her happily ever after!

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2. Apparently Firass Dirani and Sabrina Frederick fell out over a Robert DeNiro impression, and yes, we’re confused too.

Firass Dirani has spoken out his falling out with Sabrina Frederick on SAS Australia. And apparently it had to do with a... celebrity impression. 

During an interview with Nova's Fitzy and Wippa earlier today, the House Husbands actor explained that he recited a Robert DeNiro line from the film Meet The Fockers after he questioned that Sabrina may have been a "mole" in a challenge. 

"After the mission where she leaves Merrick [Watts] and James [Magnussen]… James was like, 'It felt weird. It felt like she knew the pliers were there'. I said, 'Do you think she’s a mole or something?'" said Firass.

"I said to Sabrina as a joke, my cheeky sense of humour everyone, I looked at her, I said the DeNiro thing, 'I'm watching you, I'm watching you'."

"That's all I did. She got upset with that."

Firass even went on to say that he 'loves' Sabrina.

"I'll tell you what it is, I'll tell the truth. She's 23, she's a very strong athlete, strong leg, I love Sabrina."


Just last week, Sabrina explained that Firass made her cry on the show and would say "one line comments" to her "every day".

"I’m an emotional person. Don’t get me wrong, I look like a hard a*** on the show but I’m a very emotional person and a caring person and for me, I couldn’t understand why he was saying the things that he was saying to me." 

"Just on that one day he got me and I just lost it... I’m a very honest person with my emotions and of course I don’t want to cry on camera but at the same time that’s how I felt at the time," she told news.com.au. 

SAS Australia continues Monday at 7:30pm on Channel Seven.

3. Harry from Too Hot To Handle says he’s going on a sex ban 'cos he’s tired of sleeping with so many beautiful women.

Too Hot To Handle's Harry Jowsey has just shared some information about his sex life. 

When appearing on the podcast Call Her Daddy, the 23-year-old announced that after sleeping with too many women, he has decided to go on a sex ban until the New Year.


"I've been avoiding girls. I'm on a sex ban. For some reason, I was just like, 'This is boring.' Sex is fun, but it's so stupid," he told podcast host Alexandra Cooper.

"I am trying to go until the New Year to not have sex," he continued. "I don't think a lot of guys do it [celibacy]. It turns on girls a little bit because it's just like, 'This guy is trying to focus on actual s**t instead of just seeing sex as a sport'."

After the release of the Netflix show Too Hot To Handle, Harry Jowsey dated his costar, Francesca Farago. However, the two have since split.

Most recently, Jowsey was spotted with Kim Kardashian West's ex-best friend Larsa Pippen, 46. However, Pippen shut down dating rumours.


4. Jason Mamoa admitted that he was “completely in debt” after being killed off Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones is one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows of all time. The fantasy drama, which ran for eight seasons, is the most awarded series in Emmy Awards history.

But despite its overwhelming success, Jason Momoa, who played Khal Drogo on the show, has just shared that he was "completely in debt" when his character was killed off.

When speaking to InStyle this week, the 41-year-old actor explained that after leaving the show in 2012, he struggled to support his wife, Lisa Bonet and their two children.

"I mean, we were starving after Game of Thrones," he told the publication. 

"I couldn't get work. It's very challenging when you have babies and you're completely in debt."


However, that's since changed.

In 2016, the actor was cast in Justice League as Aquaman, followed by a standalone Aquaman film. 

Momoa is next set to appear in the science fiction film Dune, alongside Timothée Chalamet and Josh Brolin.

5. A broken engagement and a family emergency: Exactly what's happening with The Veronicas right now. 

Jessica and Lisa Origliasso have undoubtedly had a tough year. 

The Aussie twin sisters, who are better known as singing duo The Veronicas, have collectively endured a break up and pregnancy loss, on top of a global pandemic. 

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And now, the pair have announced they're postponing their upcoming Sydney concerts to be with their mother Colleen, who is suffering from Lewy body dementia.


Sharing the news on Instagram earlier today, the 35-year-olds explained that their concert, which was meant to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their debut album The Secret Life Of..., would be moved to next year.

"We are needed back home in Brisbane to be with our mummy, and due to COVID restrictions we have left Sydney and started our quarantine in Byron Bay," they wrote to their to their 134,000 followers. 

"We know most of you understand that this is a deeply sensitive time for our family. That requires priority." 

The Veronicas explained that a replacement show would be held in Byron Bay on November 17.

"It will be acoustic and as intimate as we can get with our clothes on. See you there. Love Jessica and Lisa Marie," they ended the post.

Image: [email protected]

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