Ellen Pompeo has five tips for all women and they're refreshingly kickarse.

In case you missed it, 2018 is officially the year that Ellen Pompeo stopped giving a crap.

The 48-year-old, who has starred on Grey’s Anatomy since what feels like the dawn of time and is the highest paid television actress in the world, is done with sweating it over the minutiae of life. And she wants the sisterhood to follow suit.

After her rousing and candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter in January – in which she declared “I’ve finally gotten to the place where I’m OK asking for what I deserve” – Pompeo has sat down with InStyle to share her five tips for women “to own your sh*t”.

And, well, wow. (You can watch the full video below.)

This is what the mum-of-three wants every woman to know about harnessing her inner power.

1. Be 98% honest

“Be 100 per cent honest… no, no, no, no, no, wait, wait. 98 per cent honest. Yes, 98 per cent honest. 100 per cent honest with yourself, 98 per cent honest with the rest of the world.

“… Smiling always helps! A smile works, softens it out.”

2. Don’t be worried about what people think

“Unless, of course, what you’re going to say is an insult…”

3. Stop trying to be perfect

“Nobody’s f**king perfect. F**K OFF.

“WAIT, WAIT, WAIT. Rihanna. She’s f**king perfect. That’s it. Michelle Obama, she’s f**king perfect. Oh, and Shonda Rhimes, she’s 100 per cent perfect.”

4. Own who you are

“Like, who am I? A big mouth… yeah, a big mouth, that’s who I am.”

5. Be okay with your flaws

“We all have them. Stop trying to speak perfect, look perfect, act perfect. WHO GIVES A F**K. Men don’t try to be perfect! I won’t mention any names, but these powerful guys? The only good looking powerful guy is Clooney. All of the other powerful guys are like pigs. I mean… women could never, ever look the way certain people look… and get that successful ever.

“Guys don’t care, scratching their balls or day. They don’t care what we think of them.”

Click the link to read Ellen Pompeo’s full interview with the InStyle editor-in-chief Laura Brown on their website.

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