Elle Macpherson reveals her strictest parenting rule.

She’s known around the world as “the body” and is easily one of Australia’s most iconic ex-pats, but when it comes to parenting, Elle Macpherson is straight down the line.

Appearing on Monday night’s episode of The Project the model and lingerie designer was asked by co-host Carrie Bickmore if the rumours that she was strict on her two sons, Cy and Flynn, were true.

“I think that’s been blown slightly out of proportion,” the 52-year-old began.

elle macpherson's sons

Elle Macpherson on The Project. Source: Channel 10.

"I think education is really important; I'm quite strict about," she said before adding what's possibly the most unique parenting rule we're yet to hear.

"I quite like how you said you make them write thank you notes whenever anyone gives them a gift," Bickmore told the now UK native.

"Absolutely," Macpherson replied. "Otherwise the gift gets confiscated. If they haven't written a not within 24 hours the gift gets confiscated."

elle macpherson's sons

Elle Macpherson's sons were the topic of conversation. Source: Channel 10.

Yep, if you don't say thank you the old fashioned way, you can kiss those gifts goodbye, boys, Macpherson is giving them to charity.

And being the sons of a supermodel and a multi-millionaire businessman father, we imagine the gifts they're getting are pretty good.

Not wanting to be too harsh, but those rumours suddenly sound fairly accurate. Even Bickmore agrees.

"Nothing's been blown out of proportion!" she said to the supermodel laughing.

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