A Love Child star gave birth and hid it for a whole month.

Love Child actress Ella Scott Lynch has given birth to a baby girl. However, in what seems to be a growing trend among those in the spotlight, Scott Lynch actually gave birth to her baby well over a month ago, managing to keep the birth private.

Scott Lynch, who plays Shirley in the Australian drama, welcomed daughter Ziggy last month with partner Toby Schmitz.

In an interview with New Idea, the 33-year-old actress admitted her role on Love Child has begun to make a little more sense since the birth of her daughter, acknowledging that it’s given her a better understanding of her role.

A photo posted by Ella Scott Lynch (@ellaschmoo) on Jul 25, 2015 at 2:28am PDT

“I actually feel like finally I understand what was going on for these women in Love Child,” the actress told New Idea.

It is Scott Lynch’s first child, and though she admitted she is loving the experience, she is also finding it a strange reality to adjust to.

“I’ve got a bit of baby brain and things are still settling down, [but] I’m getting the hang of it.

“It’s a bit of a shock to the system but we’re besotted by her and it’s been something I’ve wanted to do and it all timed out quite well with work.”


It’s a good time of year for the actress to have a baby, with the filming for the third season of the show wrapping up last year and another installment yet to be announced.

In the past, Scott Lynch has admitted there’s a blurry line between her personal traits and her character’s traits, saying she thinks there are more similarities between the two than she initially thought.

“I’m a little bit like Shirley in that I’ve always been a little bit of a loner, I’m not usually part of a group and I think Shirley is a little bit like that,” she said.

“But I think she is more street wise and sassy then I am. I think she has had a bit of a hard life. I think I’m a little more softer on the outside.”

The childbirth questions you were too afraid to ask. You’re welcome…

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