The glorious red carpet photo that proves the 'who wore it better' war is over.

Since the dawn of time, the worst thing could ever happen to a woman has been rocking up to an event in the same outfit as another woman.

In cavemen times, while the men were busy throwing spears, making fire and evading dinosaurs, the women presumably risked their lives making sure they weren’t wearing the same configuration of leaves as each other.

And if they did, it was – and in some people’s eyes – still is the ultimate fashion faux pas.

Why? Because if two women are wearing the same outfit, one simply must always look better than the other. Not different or equally lovely, but better or more beautiful.

Only thing is, us women have never consented to this. For some reason, we all just went along with this silly rule because the powers that be *cough* the patriarchy made it so.

But at Tuesday night’s 2018 InStyle awards, the unthinkable happened.

Two women wore the exact same outfit, from head to toe… on purpose.

Julia Roberts and Elizabeth Stewart looking bloody wonderful on the InStyle awards red carpet. Image: Getty.

Standing hand in hand, actress Julia Roberts and celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart posed for photos on the red carpet in glorious matching lavender Givenchy suits.

Same shoes, same shirt, same bag (in contrasting colours), same glasses and same 'f*ck off' smiles on their faces.


Essentially, it was a big fat middle finger to the red carpet (and life) rule that you can't ever wear the same dress as someone else, and if you do, one must look better in it than the other.

The two also made fun of the 'rule' on Instagram , and it really makes us wish we could've been there.

Well this is awkward. @juliaroberts @elizabethstewart1 #instyleawards

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What's far more newsworthy than their outfits is the awards these women were honoured with on the night.

Givenchy's Artistic Director and designer of the suits Clare Waight Keller won Designer of the Year, Stewart, Stylist of the Year, and Roberts, the Icon award.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to Google 'lavender suits'.

Would you be embarrassed if you turned up at an event wearing the same outfit as another woman? Tell us in the comments.

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