One of the Olsen sisters just said goodbye to her long wavy hair.


Image: Getty

For many years now, all of the Olsen sisters – twins Mary-Kate and Ashley and their younger sister Elizabeth – have worn their hair in long beachy waves.

But now, one of them has fallen under the charms of the long bob (lob). In a year where everyone from Mindy Kaling to Lauren Conrad have lopped off their hair into the shoulder-grazing style, lob resistance is practically futile.

The latest celebrity must-have haircut is called ‘The Wob.’

The sisters’ stylist Mark Townsend shared photos of Elizabeth’s choppy new style on his Instagram account. Not only is the 25-year-old’s hair a lot shorter than before (it was down to her mid-back earlier this year), but it’s back to a lighter shade after months of being chocolate brown.

The actress hasn’t commented or shared any photos of her style, but she does seem pretty happy in these shots, so we assume she isn’t suffering from haircut regret.

Check out Elizabeth’s lob in our gallery, along with the other celebrity hair looks we’re obsessed with: