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"Ines has reached out": Elizabeth details what happened after the MAFS commitment ceremony.

Married At First Sight Ines and Sam decided to put their partners Bronson and Elizabeth out of their misery by leaving the experiment after their affair was exposed in Sunday night’s episode.

As expected, Elizabeth Sobinoff and Ines Basic did not leave as friends.

But has since told 9Now that the legal assistant tried to patch things up with her after the show ended – but she wasn’t having any of it.

“Ines has reached out to apologise,” she told the publication. “I never opened the message.”

As for Sam Ball, the 27-year-old didn’t mention if he’d reached out to apologise for sexting and making out with Ines, but said he definitely didn’t say sorry for his rude comments about her weight.

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Ines was finally honest with Bronson. Image: Nine

"Sam has said he's apologised to me about the weight comments. I thought that was hilarious, to be honest. I'm yet to receive an apology," the Sydney woman said.

And if he had have apologised, we're confident Liz would have also rejected it after her assessment of Sam's behaviour.

"He tried to make me feel really bad and he would purposely lie about things and make me look like a maniac."

Yep, that's how we saw it too.

Speaking about the final showdown, Liz said Bronson Norrish was completely blindsided by the revelation of the affair, having "no idea whatsoever".  '

But, as fans of the show pointed out on Twitter, that apparent fact seems to create a major "plot hole" in the episode.

As with all of the show's commitment ceremonies, each couple writes down whether they want to 'leave' or 'stay' before the session starts.

In Sunday night's episode, Bronson indicated that he thought things were going well with Ines - before he learned about her affair with Sam.


But viewers have asked, why then did he write 'leave' on his card?

Some thought Bronson could have written 'stay' but after the affair was exposed was secretly given the opportunity to change his mind.

It's not the first inconsistency that fans have pointed out as reasons for thinking the affair between Sam and Ines might be entirely staged.

There was the door that changed numbers, the underwear that changed colour and the insider gossip from Sam's current girlfriend.

Now that the foursome's part on the show is over, we may finally get some clarification.

Married At First Sight continues Monday night at 7.30pm on Nine.

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