Elizabeth Hurley got in big trouble for taking a selfie in a museum.

We all want to take the perfect selfie, but actress Elizabeth Hurley has taken things a little too far.

The Austin Powers star was at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London with her shoe designer pal Patrick Cox recently when she spotted a 16th century bed.

It turned out to be the Great Bed of Ware, a giant, three metre wide four-poster bed.

Oops. Image via Instagram @elizabethhurley1.

Hurley decided it was the perfect prop for a selfie, and so she stretched out on it for her photo - only to have alarms go off, and security come to remove her.

Her faux pas was so great, security felt it appropriate to escort Hurley from the premises. But hey, at least she got the photo.

She later posted it to Instagram with this caption:

Oops. Couldn't resist perching on this magnificent bed in the glorious V&A last night....and set all the alarms off. Thank you to the@vamuseum staff for being nice@dolcegabbana ???

While most of Liz's followers thought the situation was funny, some criticised her for breaking the rules.  said "How totally disrespectful of the museum. Typical privileged elitist behavior. Rules don't apply to you do they?".

elizabeth hurley selfie
Image via Getty.

Oh dear.

We're sure she'll think twice before taking her next selfie.

Have you ever gotten in trouble trying to take the perfect selfie? 

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