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"A b*tch like you." A thorough breakdown of the epic feud between MAFS' Cyrell and Elizabeth.

If you haven’t heard, Cyrell and Lizzie from Married At First Sight are doin’ a fight, and things are getting mighty nasty.

So how did these two former bride BFFs turn into foes?

WELL. Settle in, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Remember that time Cyrell had a fight on national TV with Martha? Post continues after video.

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It all bubbled to the surface when Cyrell appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O Show and cryptically told the radio duo: “Words were said and people got upset”.

She was referring to Lizzie’s appearance on Today Extra where she proceeded to discuss a MAFS spin-off show she knew nothing about.

During the interview, she hinted that it was Cyrell that had started the ‘rumour’ of another show.

Then there was some unfollowing of each other on Instagram (the ultimate insult in the world of reality TV show stardom).

“It’s pretty freaking hilarious that I get blocked [on Instagram]. I wasn’t the one who turned around and said they started a rumour,” Cyrell told the KIIS FM breakfast show.

Lizzie had also written an article for 9Honey titled: ‘How I learned to ditch toxic relationships’, which Cyrell was having none of.

“Look, I’m not a fan of anybody that’s going to write an article and call me toxic,” she told Kyle and Jackie O.

Then she posted this and there’s never been a truer meme ever:


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This is true !!!

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Last night the fight hit its crescendo, and all of the dirt and drama from behind the scenes was laid out for the world of social media to see.

Both Cyrell and Lizzie let rip on their Instagram stories, and WOAH. It was like watching a full feature length film.

Let us fill you in.

Cyrell told her 237,000 followers that the actual reason for their initial falling out was because of money.

“The first falling out started because basically I was getting some club appearances and all these gigs,” she said.

“So what happened was we had received an invitation – me, Billy, Dan and Elizabeth to do a club appearance in Darwin. Another club in Darwin hit me up to come a week before that appearance. I didn’t know that in Darwin there are only three clubs and that they’re very competitive.

“They called the people we were working with and said ‘why is Cyrell going to a club beforehand we had her this coming week’ so they said they were going to cancel. I thought they were only cancelling on me. But in cancelling me they cancelled Elizabeth, Billy and Dan. So they cancelled the whole show.

Cyrell then uploaded a screenshot to her Instagram from Lizzie that read: “Hey honey, I’m actually really upset right now. Like over the top upset. But I desperately need this money. The fact you still won’t pull out of it really upsets me because I would for you”.

Cyrell 2

"This is a woman who keeps talking about female empowerment... why couldn't you be proud of your friend when she was making more money than you?" Cyrell added in another upload to her stories after posting the screenshots.

Cyrell went on to add that the next time she heard from Lizzie was when she appeared on Today Extra and articles started to emerge of a spinoff show.

She says she then confronted her and said; "Why did you go on the Today show and blame the show [rumour] on me?"

"You know what if you want to cause an argument, make sure there's some proof behind it," a fired up Cyrell told the camera.

She then uploaded Elizabeth's reaction to her calling out the Today appearance.

Cyrell 3

"One of the best things that has happened to me is getting rid of a b**ch like you," Cyrell tells the camera.

She then uploads a series of memes dissing Elizabeth while adding in a few posts about "publicity stunts" which is something Elizabeth accuses her of doing (we'll get to that shortly).


So. Now we head over to Lizzie's side of the story.

"Cyrell has decided to address me in the media and address our falling out and she's saying it's all to do with money and I'm not supportive of her. I've been nothing supportive when we were friends," she said.

"She just wants to go on about this money thing... she even accused me of taking her money about a trivia thing. My roommate was sitting next to me and was gobsmacked at the way she was speaking to me.

"She used to call me only ever to get drama out so she'd be like 'have you seen what Martha's done?' When Martha started a YouTube channel she was like 'I gotta get on the bandwagon Martha's done it before me. I was like 'just chill, let them do what they want to do'.

"Guys, she gets really nasty about things. The way she's spoken to me has been absolutely appalling. I had gone to her family home and had conversations with her family and I loved them. And I f**king loved her. I went and defended that girl and for her to turn around and say I was jealous? Also about this TV show thing, yeah when we were talking about the money I didn't speak to her for a while."

Both Elizabeth and Cyrell posted a series of Instagram stories each last night, talking about the other. Image: lizalizzieelizabeth

Lizzie then accuses Cyrell of calling her and asking her to "act like they were doing a TV show".

"She wanted me to lie. The day after was the end of our friendship. I blocked her on all social media - I was sick of talking about the show.

"I am very upset about the way this has happened...but please leave me alone. I am done," Lizzie pleads via her Instagram stories.

She then goes on to give some advice about bullying and posts a series of memes about toxic friendship thanking fellow MAFS alumni Jessika Power for supporting her through all the drama.

"I will defend myself and not let a bully walk over me. She bullies people for media attention and has a pretend bf for media attention," she wrote in a final post.


Just when you think it's over it... continues.

Cyrell then turns to her feed and uploads a photoshoot she did for NW Weekly with a caption that read, "We got them haters hating. Here's to another story... and more money in our account!"


Lizzie has jumped back online this morning to post some more text message conversations between her and Cyrell.

"I bit back last night because I was tired of all that former emotional abuse. Boiling point happened. I stooped to her level. That's what happens though #realtalk."


We suspect this is not the end.

To be... continued.