Elite is the Spanish 'Gossip Girl' murder mystery that will get you through self-isolation.

You know when you watch something great, and all you want to do is consume anything else you possibly can about it?

You want to read everything there is about it on the internet. You want to follow the stars on Instagram, obviously. And more than anything, you want to talk about it with everyone else in your life.

For some things – Netflix’s Cheer, for example, or The Bold Type on Stan – you can talk about it with everyone because everyone has seen it. They get it.

Here’s the trailer for Elite season one. It’s juicy. Post continues below video.

Video via Netflix

But when people don’t seem to be watching the thing you most want to talk about, well… there’s no frustration quite like it.

So that explains why I have been yelling “WATCH THIS SPANISH MURDER MYSTERY SHOW ON NETFLIX RIGHT NOW” at everyone I come across (which, granted, hasn’t been many people lately because #socialdistancing) since 2018.

2018. That feels like decades ago now, doesn’t it?

elite netflix
The season one cast. Image: Netflix.

Netflix is home to Elite, which is a Spanish-language drama about a group of teens at Spain's most prestigious (and expensive) private school.

It's like Spanish Gossip Girl: There's rich kids and school uniforms and sex. Season one starts off as three scholarship students start at Las Encinas, and get acquainted with the school's 'elite' kids.


But it's also like How To Get Away With Murder: Because... there's murder, and lots of trying to get away with it.

It follows HTGAWM and Big Little Lies style of dropping a new clue about a crime in each episode, until it all comes together in the final episode of a season. Plus, there are plenty of twists to keep you guessing.

Basically, it's one of Netflix's greatest gems, definitely in my top five Netflix originals, and it's hiding in plain sight.

Season three dropped on Friday, and I didn't once see it with one of Netflix's 'Top 10' identifiers, meaning it's definitely not getting the views it deserves.

elite netflix
My Elite holy trinity. Image: Netflix.

Each season contains eight episodes about 50 minutes each, so each is perfectly bingeable over a couple of days... or less, if you're like me.

Each character is complex as hell. You'll end up loving and cheering on 'villains' and understanding the questionable actions of 'good guys' and maybe let out a gasp (or tear) when someone inevitably dies.

For example, season one Lu is the scheming high school villain you expect. She's season one Blair Waldorf, sans headband. In season two, things get... weird for her, but her love becomes clear and in season three - no spoilers - but you'll feel for her.

There's sweet angels like Omar and Ander, who you will want to protect at all costs, naive Samuel whose season two plot twist will have you shook, and bad b*tch Carla, who makes terrible decisions but for good reasons.

The show does a really great job at fleshing out most characters. You'll learn their motivations, loves and fears. It's an impressive task given the number of main cast members.

Image: Netflix.

Other things worth noting:

The show's soundtrack is amazing.

I watched Elite dubbed with English voices. This wasn't a conscious decision and the mouths/voices aren't annoyingly out-of-sync: I think it took me a couple of episodes into season one before I even realised it was a Spanish show. There's also subtitles, if that's more your thing.

Elite features a really diverse cast, in terms of sexuality, race and religion.

And finally, speaking of the cast... Well, they look like this.

Sold yet? Image: Getty.

Following season three's release, I've once again faced the dilemma of binge-watching the whole juicy, scandalous, MURDEROUS season and having no one to talk about it with.

So, look. I'm not demanding you watch it.

But, when you do, let's debrief.

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