Leigh Campbell on the 5 items that elevated her new home.

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I recently moved house.

It was quite a mission, and an expensive one at that. 

Thankfully, we had a lot of stuff from our old place to furnish and decorate with, but we needed some bits and pieces to make our new home feel like, well, home.

Also, did I mention that moving was expensive? I didn't have a huge budget to justify when it came to adding the final touches.

That's when I discovered KOO Home Store

KOO Home Store is an online retailer that offers quality textiles for the home, and you'll find plenty to suit your personal style, be it modern, contemporary, traditional, or 'on-trend.' When I found out they are Australian-owned and operated, I was thrilled and took a little virtual browse on their website. 

The first thing I noticed was the gorgeous linen, perfect for entertaining guests now that I finally have the space. I also loved the wide variety of home items to choose from, including a selection of faux plants and flowers for people like me with the worst green thumb ever.

Anyhow, putting that little window shopping aside, I got down to business. Below are the areas I decided to focus on and the items I added to each.

The bedroom.

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The main bedroom was pretty well sorted, as we obviously had a setup from the old place. I had always opted for white bed linen in the past, but I recently fell in love with anything and everything in khaki or olive.

When I saw the KOO 300 Thread Count Washed Cotton Sheet Set in Burnt Olive, starting at $49, I decided to add some warmth and depth to our bedroom with these sheets. It's an easy way to introduce some colour without committing to a whole new hue for the room, such as with a bedspread or artwork.

When these sheets arrived, I was amazed by the texture; they almost feel like silk. And this might sound strange to anyone who doesn't make beds regularly, but the elastic on the fitted sheet was just right, not too tight that you end up a sweaty mess trying to stretch it on, but not too loose that you wonder if the elastic has snapped.

The colour is absolutely divine, and the pictures don't do it justice. It's the richest olive green that looks and feels expensive. If I had received them as a gift, I would have thought they cost four times the price.


The guest room.

Image: Supplied.

This was an exciting room because we didn't have space for a guest room in our last place. We had one spare room that had become the office/playroom/floor space for a blow-up mattress when we had friends come to stay. 

I wanted the room to feel light, airy, and relaxing, so I opted for a white look for the bed. The KOO Loft Cotton Linen Quilt Cover Set in White, starting at $150 a set, gives off fancy hotel vibes (how I want my friends to feel when they stay), and it feels so nice to the touch. It comes in sizes from single right up to super king. My tip is to always size up for the doona and quilt cover, so there's more overhang, which always looks more luxurious.


I LOVE the feel of silk pillowcases (not to mention how good they are for our hair and skin), but I don't always love the way they look on a bed. That's why the KOO Elite Silk Linen Standard Pillowcase, at $70 each, is pure genius. 

One side is linen, which looks luxe when the bed is made, and the other side is silk, ideal for sleeping. You just flip it depending on whether it's sleep time or time to make the bed. I love them so much I got another set for my room.

The bathroom. 

Image: Supplied. 


I had a mismatched mess of towels I had accumulated over the years, partly because I couldn't justify the cost of getting all new ones, but also because I prefer a 'bath sheet' size, whereas my husband likes the smaller 'bath towel' size.

Enter the KOO Elite Luxury Comfort Towel Collection in Carbon, starting from $35. The range offers bath mats, hand towels, face washers, and various sizes of towels in an array of colours, so you can custom-build your ideal towel collection affordably.

I loved the look of the pale blue but opted for dark charcoal in the end because I find it adds warmth and depth to a light bathroom, works for all seasons, and is also four-year-old proof. Now everyone has their preferred towel size, and I have a matching collection. Everyone is happy.

I was also tired of the jewellery I take off when I wash my face each night being strewn on the bathroom counter, along with my fragrance and skincare, and whatever else I have reached for and forgotten to put back. So I grabbed the KOO Marble Tray in White, at $16, as a place for these things to live, which isn't just functional; it looks pretty, purposeful, and considered. I've since grabbed a few more for a pretty hand soap in the other bathroom and even a few to use in the kitchen.

Shop KOO's affordable, quality interior looks, made to elevate any room.

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