Freddos are now 20 per cent smaller. But they still cost the same amount.

This is definitely and completely true… maybe.


The saddest development in this story has just been uncovered. Freddo Frogs are now 20 per cent smaller than before.

Cadbury Freddos have gone from 20g to 15g to now just a mere 12g in two years. What’s next? A 5 g Freddo head in one packet, his feet in another – sold separately?!

The kicker in this devastating story is this: We’re still paying the same price for one whole bite less.

Freddos – still delicious but not as large.

A spokesman from Cadbury’s parent company is trying to shift the blame onto higher costs, but we’re not buying it.

“We’re making a change to the size of the product because of manufacturing cost increases that we can no longer absorb,” spokesman Julian Polachek said.

#BoycottFreddos – Only joking. We love Freddos too much to give them up.

Mamamia previously wrote… 

The other week I decided to treat myself to a sweet, sweet Wagon Wheel.

I bought the delicious chocolate with the knowledge its size would satisfy my chocolate cravings for half an hour at least. But to my enormous disappointed, the marshmallow biscuit is now at least half the size it used to be.


Before shrinkage.

AFTER (this is my own measurement and may or may not be to scale):

After shrinkage.

I was obviously outraged and hungry for answers (and more chocolate).

Turning to friends, I queried whether they noticed this biscuit abomination. To my surprise, they not only noticed, but mentioned other delicious foods that have also mysteriously diminished in size.

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We need to get the word out there. These are but a few of the foods that have shrunk in size, please share with everyone you know – this stops today.

1. Wagon wheels

Mentioned twice because it’s so devastating.

2. Killer Pythons

How am I supposed to divide this up 20 times and share it with my friends in the playground?

Not so “killer” anymore.

3. All burgers from McDonalds

More like a Mc-Unhappy-Meal.

Basically a teeny snack now.

4. Red Skins

Not only smaller, but less delicious.

And still a little bit racist.

5. Cadbury chocolate blocks

Pulling one of these ones, I bet.

6. Maxibons

Not you too!

They are just embarrassing now.

7. Packets of Tim Tams

An Australian icon, lost.

Tight-arse Tim Tams.

8. Muesli bars

I’m not sure which brand my friend meant, so I can only assume all of them.

Why are you all so small?!

9. Minties

And the jokes aren’t as funny as they used to be. There, I said it.

You’ve disappointed us all, Minties.

10. Paddle Pops

So small we can barely see them.

Over to you. Which of your favourites have shrunk in size?