Egg freezing and the return of Monica Lewinsky. Podcast episode 3 is live.


Would you let your boss pay you to freeze your eggs?

Do you feel sorry for Monica Lewinsky, after all these years?

Have you ever left a party without saying goodbye?

There are no wrong answers here. We discuss all of it on this week’s episode of the Mamamia OutLoud podcast. You should absolutely check it out — it’s like eavesdropping on a smart/funny/interesting conversation between three women you already know and like. It’s perfect for a run, in the car, or in the background while you cook/nap/knit.

This week, my guests on the podcast are Jamila Rizvi and Sophie McNeill.

Jamila, as you know, is the Editor in Chief of The Mamamia Digital Network. She’s a respected journalist, beautiful nerd, ex-political staffer, and serial ghoster of parties.

Sophie is one of the most impressive journalists in the country. She used to host Triple J Hack and report for Dateline, and now she’s a reporter/producer for Foreign Correspondent on the ABC. She’s got two kids, a stay-at-home husband, and some awesome anecdotes to share about being stuck on an Italian navy ship.

Trust us.

Listen to the episode; it’s a good’un.

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