Barber dishes out bad haircuts as punishment for kids who won't behave.

Little kids with old man haircuts are far funnier than they should be.

In hilarious news that will absolutely make you rethink how you’ve been parenting your kids, a barbershop in America has concocted a brilliant punishment for naughty children.

Barber extraordinaire Russell Fredrick, 34, was flabbergasted when his 12-year-old son Rushawn started playing up, so he served him with the sweetest punishment. He cut his hair to look like an old man’s.

Russell said that if kids wanted to “act grown”, they should look it.

His face says it all. Brilliant. Image via Instagram/a1__kutz.

His hilarious, simply brilliant invention was so successful that he’s started offering the cuts at his barber shop for free, much to the delight of frustrated parents everywhere.

“There are a few people that are saying it’s emotional abuse; but on average, everyone is applauding the mother that brought the child in — and applauding me as well,” Russell said.

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His punishment – he calls it the Benjamin Button special – is the perfect response to any and all bad behaviour. And really, it’s just hair. It grows back. And as you can see in this after shot, it doesn’t do the kid any harm except a bit of embarrassment.

The after result, once Rushawn started behaving. Image via Instagram/a1__kutz.

It’s hardly worse than all the times we butchered our own hair as children. Right?