Edwina Bartholomew gives us a completely honest look inside her handbag.

If you’ve been wondering what it takes to get a glamorous television presenter ready, Channel 7’s Edwina Bartholomew is spilling the beans. Or rather, the bag, in this instance.

Currently in Rio covering the 2016 Olympic Games for Sunrise, 33-year-old Bartholomew has shared an “Olympic flat lay” snap from inside the village, revealing the must-have contents of her busy reporting life.

One bag, many contents. Source: Instagram

So what does one of the nation's top journos carry at all times?

According to Barthlomew, one should start with a "Dora the Explorer backpack,"and then add "messy makeup bag, face wipes, spinach pie, cheat notes, 200 page Olympic bible, all access Olympic pass, wifi, water, hairspray."

A little bit of beauty, a little bit of knowledge, and a little bit of sustenance. Seems like a very healthy balance of everything to us.

"One of these pools is not like the other," Bartholomew captioned the image above. Source: Instagram

The one thing absent from the photo? "Bushmans," Bartholomew's post continued.

But with 10 days of Olympic coverage still ahead, we think a restock of the all important insect repellent is going to be essential!

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