Edwina Bartholomew's wedding will be "casual", except for one unusual $12,000 feature.

Forget the 12 tiered cake, flower wall or a pair of white doves wearing gold leaf booties to be released as the pair say “I do” – Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew‘s wedding to fiance Neil Varcoe will be a “casual affair”.

Bartholomew has already found her dress (a white vintage number), a friend will be making their cake and the ceremony will be held on the couples’ country NSW farm Warramba.

“We want it to be a casual day. We are going to have a lunchtime wedding, just really simple. We don’t want it to be fancy,” Bartholomew told Stellar Magazine.

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But there’s one feature the pair won’t be scrimping on – and it means that should nature call, their guests (and their bums) will be well-looked after.

Port-a-loo rental for the nuptials will reportedly set them back $12,000.

We’re pretty sure no-one will be pooh-poohing the idea.

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It’s certainly the most practical extravagant wedding spend we’ve heard. Pippa Middleton’s nuptials were estimated to have cost over one million dollars including over $10,000 on canapes (and yes, $7,000 on port-a-loos – it’s a thing.)


Few can beat the multi-million dollar wedding earlier this year though which ended in a legal dispute after the bride’s parents were unhappy with the “poorly lit brownie station”. The ceremony also featured custom-made cocktails served in ostrich eggs, a cigar bar and monogrammed napkins for every guest.

Coming off the back of Today Show presenter Sylvia Jeffreys’ wedding to Peter Stefanovic earlier this year which saw paparazzi drones hover over the ceremony, Bartholomew was quick to dispel any comparison – or competition.

In fact, the pair who are friends from their time as on-the-road reporters recently caught up for coffee to chat about how to deal with media interest on the big day.

“It’s a unique experience to have so much public interest in your wedding. It was something we have never really had to deal with before,” Bartholomew told Stellar.

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“It would be my absolute worst nightmare to have a drone hovering above our vows.

“The Sunrise guys will be there, we’re not going to be filming it for the show, and we’ll be paying for the whole thing ourselves, like any young couple.”

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