The brilliant moment Edwina Bartholomew was caught eating her breaky on live TV.

It was a morning like every other morning.

Before most of us were awake, Sunrise presenter, Edwina Bartholomew was chowing down on a quick breaky in between live crosses on Friday morning.

No one will see, she thought. Damn these eggs are good.

Only we did see, thanks to an on-air slip from her co-host, Matt Doran.

After wrapping up a very lovely segment on whether the Australian military is ready for war (great stuff for a Friday morning, yeah?), Doran crossed back to his co-host for the next story. Then he realised he’d made a grave, grave mistake.

“Over to you Eddie,” he said, before the camera landed on Bartholomew right in the middle of a bite of an unidentified breakfast food.

A few seconds of Eddie chewing on some food later, Doran quickly directed the producers to an ad break with, “Oh. Oh, apologies, we’re gonna go straight to the break here.”

In the hours following the stuff-up, Doran issued some cheeky apologies to his co-host for sharing the private moment with Australia.


Thankfully, Eddie knows full well she’s a bloody legend who can eat her eggs whenever she god damn pleases, poking fun at herself on Twitter.

Thank you, Eddie. Thank you for blessing us with the best thing we’ve seen in 2018 so far.

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