"It has been such a ride." Edwina Bartholomew presents the weather for the final time.

Image: Instagram.

After three years of reporting the weather with a sunny smile, Edwina Bartholomew wrapped up her Sunrise duties earlier this morning.

And, just as anyone would on the last day of a job they love, the 32-year-old journalist struggled to hide how she was feeling about it all. The only difference, of course, was that her tears were broadcast across the entire country.

“I have to keep it together but I don’t know if I will,” she told Sunrise‘s co-hosts Sam Armytage and David Koch.

“Look, when I started this job they told me I could write my own ticket to the world and we certainly have done that.”

Over the past three years, Bartholomew has been travelling around Australia to report the weather from a range of locations. Spending so much time on the road would certainly take its toll at times, but she only had fond memories to share this morning. (Post continues after video.)

Video via Sunrise

“We’ve visited over 700 locations, probably eaten about 550 bacon and egg rolls, driven tens of thousands of kilometres. I’ve made friends for life right across Australia — including, of course, those great blokes I work with each and every day,” Bartholomew recounted through tears.

“I’ve laughed so hard that I’ve cried. I’m now crying so hard that I’ll soon be laughing… I’ve packed more into three years than many people get to in a lifetime.” (Post continues after gallery.)


As if she didn’t have enough to feel emotional about, Armytage and Koch then beckoned for Bartholomew’s parents and her partner Neil Varcoe to step forward from off-screen. “You’ll get to see more of these people,” Koch reminded her.

Varcoe, also a journalist, certainly seems to be happy about that.

“Look I think [Eddie’s travel-intensive role] has been good for us. We kind of focus on the time we have together and weekends are kind of really special and I eat a lot of pizza. So, win, win,” he told the hosts.

Bartholomew with her partner, journalist Neil Varcoe. (Image: Instagram)

Happily for us, Bartholomew won't be going far. As of Monday, the weather presenting role will be taken up by Sam Mac, while Bartholomew will be the fifth member of the Sunrise presenting team.

On Instagram earlier today, she shared some words of wisdom for her replacement. "You can pick up your harness, helmet, go pro suit, personalised lab coat, hi vis vest, boots, dog lead and bikini from reception," she joked.

In her final introduction to the day's weather segment, Bartholomew justified her teary appearance to viewers.

Bartholomew with her weather replacement Sam Mac. (Image: Instagram)

"If you're sitting at home wondering, 'Why on earth is she such a sook? Why is she so upset?', the reason is for the last three years I've travelled each and every day with the best bunch of blokes," she said as she introduced her Channel 7 weather team.

"It has been an absolute blast. It has been such a ride."

Yes it has, Eddie. We'll miss your weather reports, but look forward to seeing what you do next.

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