Edwina Bartholomew dealt with an cringe worthy wardrobe malfunction in the most brilliant way.

Oh, dear Eddy.

We’ve all been there.

And if you haven’t experienced the fashion trauma of your clothes splitting (IN PUBLIC), then it is something from nightmares.

Last night, at the South Australia Games Dinner, sunrise presenter, Edwina Bartholomew, looked particularly outstanding in a bold pink dress.

Just look:

The TV host had flown in from Tokyo earlier that day and so was looking even more stunning considering the jet lag that was setting it.


Unfortunately, the dress didn’t stay so glamorous for long after it split.

Check out Eddy’s adventures in Tokyo. Images via Instagram. (Post continues after gallery.)

And, no, it didn’t just split down the side.

But right up the “wazoo” in the words of Eddy.

This is material for horror movies.

Luckily for Eddy, she’s very crafty and was able to quickly fix the mini-fashion disaster.

She didn’t whip out a needle and thread but instead borrowed a Brazilian dancing dress.

We can imagine this dress wasn’t cheap, so what’s the most amount of money you’ve blown on clothes? 

Yes, that’s right. Just took a dress from a Brazilian dancer, with the mandatory sequins and feathers, and she still looked undeniably fabulous.

Image via Facebook.

We really can't think of someone who could have handled the incident with more style.

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