Edwina Bartholomew wore a vagina on her dress at the Oscars.

Edwina Bartholomew looked positively stunning on the Oscars red carpet today. “Ethereal!” some said on social media, “Like a Disney Princess!” gushed others.

While her frock had both sequins and trendy long sleeves, one particular unexpected addition to Edwina’s icy blue Rachel Gilbert number received much more attention.

Followers of both the Sunrise Facebook page and Edwina’s Instagram account have been utterly perplexed by the draping of material to the left of Edwina’s lap.

Channelling Elsa from Frozen in @rachelgilbertau #sun7 #oscars

A photo posted by Edwina Bartholomew (@edwina_b) on Feb 28, 2016 at 1:05pm PST

“Your face and body are to die for…. But, sorry, the thing on the dress looks like a part of a female anatomy. I know I am not the only person thinking this…,” one commenter wrote of Facebook.


“It would have been a lovely dress bar the anatomy hanging off it. Love the colour,” added another, before everyone cut to the chase and unanimously decided: Edwina Bartholomew has a great big vagina on her dress.

“Lose the vajayjay and it would have been perfect,” a follower admitted.

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Now, don’t get me wrong, the woman looks GORGEOUS. She’s radiant. Glowing. Beautiful. That colour on her is delightful, and she really does look like Elsa from Frozen. But there’s a vagina. Right there. On her dress.

Some thought the added detail looked more like a doughnut than a vagina. “Pretty colour but the high neckline and donut thing on the front, just doesn’t look right,” wrote a follower on Edwina’s Instagram.

Another thought it looked more like a uterus, asking, “Nice but why is there a uterus on the outside of your dress?”

While no one seemed to agree what the extra decoration looked like, we can all agree on one thing. Edwina looks gorgeous no matter what.

Feature image via Instagram @Edwina_B

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