Editor's Picks: The skirts and boots you'll be living in this Autumn.

Game of Thrones kicks off again tonight for those lucky enough to have access to a Foxtel connection and winter is most definitely coming. Walking through Fitzroy before dinner with girlfriends last night, I was surrounded by beanies, scarves, knits, jeans and boots.

It’s officially time to shove the flowery floaty dresses to the back of the wardrobe and tearfully shelve your Haviannas. But that doesn’t mean jeans are your only option for the next six months. Coupled with tights or stockings and some killer boots, skirts can absolutely work in the cooler parts of the year.

I have to start with apologising that some of these items are a little pricier than I’d normally recommend (I love me a bargain). However I’ve picked quality pieces that are also pretty timeless so should last you through the next two seasons and well into the cooler months of 2016 too.

1. Dreams embellished skirt from Lola vs. Harper.

RRP $30.00

Here is my sale pick for the week: A gorgeous, fun embellished mini skirt. Why do I like it? It’s black at the back, meaning it’s more flattering across your bum than the horizontal patterned front. It’s in black and white, meaning you can wear it with any colour coat. And it would look great with black boots and thick tights.

2. Piper Ankle Boot from Witchery.

RRP $199.95

I bought these last week and have not taken them off since. I’m a huge ankle boot fan and this pair have a really comfortable height, thick heel. The colour is a lovely soft dove grey, which breaks it up from my standard foot uniform of black and tan.

3. Dessau Midi Pencil Skirt from The Iconic.

RRP $80.00

This is the sort of gorgeous item you can be forgiven for scrolling past because it’s been paired with a top that only works on women the size of this model. Yeah, my pregnancy boobs and underarm muffin top ain’t going to work with that at all.

But the skirt itself is an incredibly flattering length and would look even better with a black silk blouse and stiletto heeled ankle boots. The pattern is fun, without being immature or overly girly.

4. Maykover boots from Nine West.

RRP $189.95

I bought this exact pair almost two years ago from Nine West and I am still getting heaps of use out of them. They’re a really nice, warm alternative to heels (essential for days you have meetings and need to look In Charge Of Things). They cut in quite low on your calve, so you don’t look too stocky or cankle-like.

5. Night After Night Midi Full Skirt from David Jones.

RRP $141.75

It doesn’t get more feminine than an A-line, below-the-knee skirt that is covered in giant splashy flowers. I spied this on another woman at a friend’s wedding recently and couldn’t help but inquire where it was from.

If you’re already mourning the demise of sunshine and fresh flowers, then this skirt will help you activate your denial. Plus the print is the perfect colours for Autumn: No Instragam filter required.


6. Daisey boots by Tony Bianco.

RRP $199.95

I have a confession: I own more brown ankle boots than any human being actually required. But come on! They’re easy, comfortable, versatile, work with skirts or jeans AND you get to indulge your childhood cow girl fantasy just a little.

7. Luxe Midi Pencil Skirt from Zalora.

RRP $39.98

You can wear a sequined skirt. Yes, yes you can. This is a piece of clothing that too many women lust after but would never actually BUY because it is seemingly the exclusive domain of rich people who walk on red carpets. But that is not true. As long as you match this mermaid-esque skirt with plain colours and fabrics, it won’t look over-the-top or out of place.

8. Stefania boots by Kookai.

RRP $180.00

This is called: Doing the sexy biker look without (a) buying a bike or (b) spending big on a leather jacket.

9. Pink Maxi Skirt by Chicwish.

RRP $48.00

Pretty, pretty, pretty. I love a feminine pink skirt, especially if there are pleats. You can go romantic and whimsical by wearing it with delicate heels, ballet flats and a lighter colour on top. Or alternatively, you can funk it up a bit with flat chunky boots and a grey t-shirt or jumper.

10. Valari Bright Taupe boots by Guess.

RRP $171.75

I love these because the straps and the clip are a little different to all the other boots coming in for winter. It’s a colour I personally can’t pull off because of my olive-toned skin but if you’re fairer or darker than me, you should at least try them on… just to check…

11. Rio Bravo Catalina skirt by Mister Zimi.

RRP $150.00

I’m not sure I would ever be brave enough to try this whole outfit but the print is really gorgeous. Mister Zimi are a Melbourne based brand who make flattering, loose fitting clothing that comes in the most stunning prints. This is my favourite from their current range and would look so pretty with a fluffy white jumper.

12. Timeless boots by Betts.

RRP $99.99

It is a truth universally acknowledged that very woman needs a pair of knee-height black boots. And if you already own a pair, then you probably need another (especially when they’re less than $100).

13. Bright tweed zip detail skirt by Marcs.

RRP $139.00.

If the sequinned skirt above was a bit too much for you, here is a more subtle sparkly option. You’re welcome.

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