Editor's favourites: baby pandas, bacon milkshakes and our biggest post EVER

I’m on a bit of a high this weekend. A brilliant post called “When I have kids I’ll never” went a viral on us. On Friday alone more than 100,000 people read it. Have you? Click here to see why it’s struck such a chord.

But there were plenty of other great reads that deserved to go viral too. Here are a few of my favourites, just in case you missed them …

Does vernix belong on Facebook? The argument for not posting your birth photos on social media >>

Apart from providing inspiration for attempts to “fly” off the shed roof, this is why superheroes make great role models for kids >>

How young is too young for children to fall in love? Here's what I think - Jo >>

If you’re a middle child or know one, Middle Child Day is your chance to be celebrated. Well, kind of… it was on Monday... Click here to read more >>

This mum was determined to breastfeed her adopted baby – and this is how she did it. Do you know someone who has done the same? >>

And this shocker - the proud mum who was watching her son perform on stage when a man yelled: "If my son wanted to dance I would kill myself" >>

This week's tear-jerkers ...


>> A teen mum writes: “I knew right that this child deserved everything and more - a lot more than what I could provide at 17.” >>

>> "One minute we were laughing - 35 minutes later I was being asked which of my husband's organs I was willing to give away" >>

>> There are two words this mum swears she’ll never say to her daughter again. Click here to read why >>

>> I sobbed over this video of a panda mum being reunited with her baby after a month-long separation. I must be hormonal. And the pics of the little tyke are adorable. See them here  >>

My favourite silly stuff ...

>> Forget the sprinklers – THIS might be the best way to keep the kids cool this summer. Click here to read about the latest baby fashion trend in China >>

>> Whether it was Wham! or The Spice Girls, we all remember Dad taking us to a concert. These hilarious photos of bored dads at One Direction concerts will bring back fond memories... Click here >>

>> Forget about your embarrassing uncle – THESE are the folks you don’t want invited to your wedding... Click here to see more >>


>> If there’s one thing this dad knows about dealing with five young children, it’s that a sense of humour will see you through. Click here to see his hilarious version of "Sexy and I Know It” >>

>> It was International Left Handers Day last week.  So we posted this meme to celebrate for all the lefties out there (like me). We're in esteemed company - Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Diane Keaton, Jerry Seinfeld, Lisa Kudrow, Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert DeNiro and Whoopie Goldberg are all south paws.

And finally, these tasty morsels ...

>> Your week's worth of meals is sorted - check out these family-friendly recipes >>

>> Bacon and peanut butter milkshake, anyone? Just reading about these Canadian show foods will make your arteries hurt >>

>> Spice up your weekend with these easy grilled chicken recipes >>

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