Eddie is the Perfect new Playschool host.

We can think of no one better to teach our toddlers how to do the wiggly woo.

Eddie Perfect, the new Playschool host, starts later this month and no one is more excited than the man himself.

“What I really like about it is that it’s a hybrid between music theatre and presenting TV,” he said when we sat down together.

He tells me shooting the show is harder than it looks. “It’s tricky. You have to get the thing right from the moment you start a section to the moment you finish it.”

Eddie Perfect, just chilling with Big Ted. image courtesy ABC TV

The Playschool presenting shoes are very big shoes. Eddie Perfect is good, but will he be able to live up to the standard set by Bonita, George and Noni? That must be intimidating.

“Yes, of course it is. But what’s so fantastic about Bonita and George and Noni is that they are really naturally themselves. They brought their own personality and style to Playschool. I think the challenge is to find your own version of Playschool.

I’ll be using lots of imagination, lots of songs. I’ll be trying to be the same as I am with my own children at home.”

A quick sneak peak at Eddie on continues after the video.

Playschool is notoriously hard to get into, but seen as a pinnacle in an actor’s career. I asked Eddie how he got the gig.

“I don’t know! I’ve been asking for years and years, how do you get a job on Playschool? No one knew anything. Then out of the blue I got a mysterious email late last year asking would Eddie like to audition.

When it was announced every actor I ever met and a bunch of others were like, 'how did you get that job?' I literally had no idea.”

I would like to lie and say I was totally cool interviewing Eddie Perfect, calm and professional. But Eddie is charismatic and I found myself flirting. (So inappropriate!). I asked him, “are you aware that there is a Jimmy Giggle fan group on facebook called, ‘I could teach Jimmy Giggle a thing or two’. What reaction are you expecting from the mums?”

Eddie indulges me and laughs along, and says he’ll be sure to ask Jimmy about it when he sees him next. “I thought my wife would be weird about the mums thing. But she’s weird about girls 20 years from now who watched me on playschool coming up to me when I’m 58 years old. That’s some serious long term jealous sh8t.”

Eddie's Playschool debut will be the 18th of May.

Featured image courtesy of ABC TV

Who has been your favourite Playschool host through the years?

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