Parents rejoice: Beloved Offspring star to join Playschool.

We’ve never been so jealous of Big Ted: Offspring star to join Playschool.

In news that will absolutely make your day, Offspring star Eddie Perfect has just been announced as the new host of Play School. 

The brilliant announcement was made today on ABC4Kids, with Eddie’s first appearance set for May.

Start taping ABC, stat. This is going to make your weekdays much better, especially if you already find yourselves half-watching Play School anyway because of a little thing called children.

Eddie Perfect joins cast of play school
Eddie Perfect, looking pretty perfect. Image via Getty.

Play School‘s excited. We’re excited. Eddie’s excited.

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In a press release, he said he feels like the Play School characters are already his family. Of course they are.

“My children are beside themselves about the news,” he said.

Play School was a giant part of my childhood and to this day continues to play a huge role in inspiring my own kids to dance and stomp around the room.

Eddie’s first episode will be in May.

“I’m beyond excited to be joining the presenting team at Play School; it’s always been a dream of mine. To be a part of a show that holds such an important place in the lives of children is a real honour and a thrilling responsibility. I simply cannot wait to dive in and continue the great tradition of engaging children with creative play.”

We can’t wait either, Eddie. This is a glimmer of good news in amongst the pain we still feel after Offspring.