Edwina Bartholomew shares a selfie "ugly crying" for a reason we can all relate to.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen more ladies. I’d like to draw to your attention that on Wednesday afternoon at approximately 4:30pm, Edwina Bartholomew was all of us.

You see, the Channel 7 Sunrise host made the same mistake many of us made before watching the sob-fest that is ‘Me Before You’… she didn’t prepare for an internal bloody meltdown of pure untamed emotion.

The 33-year-old posted a selfie of her tear-streaked face to her 101,000 Instagram followers with the caption:

“Mental note – check if your Rom Com actually contains the Com bit before watching in your pyjamas on a Wednesday afternoon.”

As Eddie put it, “Me Before You is so incredibly sad I blubbered.”

Boy-oh-boy, we know EXACTLY where you’re coming from, Eddie.

It’s official. We need to start petitioning for one thing: ‘Me Before You‘ needs to come with a warning label on the DVD, and it should notify viewers that YOU WILL BECOME BORDERLINE DEPRESSED FOR A WEEK AFTER WATCHING IT.


It’s been two months, and I still can’t look at red dresses without weeping uncontrollably.

Do you hear me, Warner Bros Pictures? WE WANT A BLOODY WARNING LABEL.

Eddie deserved better. We all deserved better.