The eerie sign Ed Kavalee was destined to marry Tiffiny Hall before they had even met.


Ed Kavalee and Tiffiny Hall’s relationship reads something like a rom-com storyline.

They met in 2008. Hall was competing as ‘Angel’ on Gladiators, while Kavalee was working as a presenter for Nova radio.

As the story goes, he flew from Melbourne to Sydney to interview her – i.e. their ‘meet-cute’ – and was smitten from day one.

And as with all good rom-coms, it was meant to be from the start. So much so, that Kavalee’s friend made a throwaway comment before they even met in person, and subsequently predicted their ENTIRE relationship.

Appearing on 9Honey’s ‘How We Met’ series, the radio host shared the cute tidbit.

“When I was watching it at home I always talked about how beautiful the gladiator Angel was, and my friend walked past the TV and goes, ‘you’ll marry her some day’,” he said, and correct his friend was.

After their initial interview, Kavalee continued to court Hall by asking her to appear on his morning radio program and after the third ‘interview’, she asked him out.

After six years of dating, they married in 2014 and are now the parents to an almost one-year-old baby named Arnold.


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Recounting the exact moment Hall finally made the first move, the couple joked about the memory.

“I kept having to get up really early to go and do these interviews,” she told 9Honey.

“On the third interview I said, ‘Ed, just ask me out for dinner.'”

Slightly correcting her, he still remembers what she said to a T.

“No, your exact words were, ‘Hey Ed are we going out or not?'”

After multiple years of dating, the way Kavalee popped the question, was equally as rom-com worthy.

“Ed wanted to propose at dinner at a fancy restaurant, that was great, but at the time we were both working in media and people kept coming up to say hello,” shared Hall.

“It was lovely, but it was making him nervous.”

Instead the couple went home to watch the football, before Kavalee surprised her and popped the question, while wearing his dressing gown, in the bedroom of their Melbourne home.

“Both of us were in tears,” said Hall.


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Although they’ve been “inseparable” for the past 10 years, Kavalee thinks they could have, and indeed should have, gotten married after their first date.

“We should’ve got married after our first date, in hindsight. We should’ve had kids after our second date,” he declared.

“Once you start looking back, you realise everything was there.”

And yeah… they’re a bit cute.

Although baby Arnold is nearly one-year-old, it doesn’t make Tiff Hall’s ‘post baby body expectation’ advice any less relevant.

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