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Jacqueline's candles sold out in 24 hours, thanks to the intervention of Katherine Heigl.

Jacqueline Cohen admits that initially, she didn’t think too much about the request for high-resolution images of her handmade candles.

It had come in the form of an email from a producer at US blog, Those Heavenly Days. And while it was some free publicity for her small business, Écru Candles and her Up in the Clouds range, the Sydney mum didn’t predict what a huge opportunity it would be.

That’s because this wasn’t just any blog, as the 32-year-old soon found out, it was US actress Katherine Heigl’s blog.

The former Grey’s Anatomy star featured Écru Candles among other homewares in a blog post, Artisan Picks: May 2018.

And then she shared this Instagram post featuring Jacqueline’s Up in the Clouds design with her 2.4 million followers:

Within hours the post had received tens of thousands of likes – and the exposure had huge benefits for Jacqueline, who started her business in October 2016 after leaving the corporate world to pursue something more creative.

“Within 24 hours, I had sold out of my Up in the Clouds candles, and had to quickly remake some more,” she said.

“I just can’t thank Katherine enough for supporting a small one-woman-band business like mine. The feedback and new orders I’ve had since then is just incredible.”

Jacqueline said when she saw the 27 Dresses actresses glowing review of her candles, she “didn’t know what to do with myself – apart from a happy dance around the kitchen”.


“Not only are these candles in beautiful ceramic containers, but the beautiful ceramic containers are reusable,” Katherine wrote.

“The variety of scents and their simple and modern look make these gift closet worthy. Though, honestly, I might just gift a bunch to myself.”

Jacqueline, who is pregnant with her second child, joked she might name her daughter after Katherine or one of the characters she has played.

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