Open Post: How's your week been?

I’m finally ready to confess.

Hello, and welcome, friends to one of Mamamia’s favourite posts of the week. None other than (drum roll)… Open Post. For those of you who don’t hang around here much, Open Post is a special space where everyone can chat about what’s going in their lives.

Absolutely anything.

To break the ice, I’ll start the conversation off.

Hi, my name’s Abby. And, I’m a serial eavesdropper.

I’ve realized that I am serial eavesdropper in public environments.

Whether it’s on the bus, in the elevator or standing in the queue at the supermarket, I’m doing it. I don’t even mean to listen. It just…happens.

It’s a habit I’ve been trying to break for a while. But, the conversations that I manage to catch a snippet of are incredibly interesting.

Yesterday morning, as I was travelling to work on the bus, a woman who looked substantially more excited than most of us at 8:00am joyously jumped on the bus. She quickly struck up a conversation with the woman sitting behind me, much to her distaste.

The conversation lasted for the duration of the bus trip, approximately 30 minutes. It went from polite conversation, to this-is-good-enough-to-stop-listening-to-music conversation, to A GOSSIP-MAGAZINE-COULD-HEADLINE-THIS conversation.

I pretend I’m doing this. Doesn’t everybody?

Even if you are not an eavesdropper, you will want to listen to this.

The jolly young woman, whom I shall name Molly, was recounting her “inspiring” journey through Asia. She was travelling solo, trying to “rediscover herself”.

That was until a man came into Molly’s life.

She fell madly in love with this guy and they were almost inseparable.

Do you remember that moment from Seinfeld when George and Jerry were being eavesdropped on? My worst nightmare. Go on, you have to watch. (Post continues after video.)

Video via Sony Pictures

Apart from the fact that he was married and had two teenage-aged children.

A sticky situation.

Molly then moved into the man’s family home, under the pretence that she was a “border”. They carried out their affair right under the nose of the wife and children.

Urgh. By then, the woman Molly was telling the conversation to was almost gagging. I was hoping for some sort of soap opera-esque ending.

Yes, as you sit on the edge of your seats, the soap opera ending came. Kind of.


Molly’s man divorced his wife. He left his family home for Molly. Glorious Molly.

So, what did Molly do?

She moved back to Australia.

And, she didn’t let her man follow.

That was the story I heard being a serial eavesdropper on public transport this week.

Surely, I’m not alone. Please tell me there are other silent listeners, as I prefer to call us, out there?

What has been happening in your week? Very importantly – have you ever listened to someone else’s conversations? Shoot.

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