Why you rarely see The Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants eating on dates.

Now we’ve had time to get over our heartbreak after the shock losses of Nikki and Matty J, we’ve got a bone to pick with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Something about the one-on-one dates just isn’t right.

They follow a bit of a formula – some kind of adrenaline junkie activity followed by a beautifully laid spread of wine and a cheese or fruit surrounded by about 1500 candles. YUM.

The only problem? Nobody seems to touch the damn food.


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We're not the only ones to have noticed and be utterly confused by it.


Now it seems we finally have an explanation.

"The food on dates is usually good, but the catch is that you aren't supposed to eat it! No one wants to watch people stuffing their face on a date. If you're eating, you aren’t talking," former US Bachelor contestant Jaclyn Swartz told Refinery 29.

"Instead, we eat before the dates, as we are getting ready. The producers will bring room service to your room, or a plate of food to where you're getting ready in the house."

Interesting. (Post continues after gallery.)


Swartz said that they do sometimes get to eat some of the date food - just not on camera.

"You have to remember that the dinner portion can last two to three hours. You usually talk and start eating. Then, a producer will pull you aside to do a one-on-one interview," added Ashley Spivey, another former contestant.

"Then, you go back to eat while the other person is doing their one-on-one interview. This is when you stuff your face and hurry and eat before the other person gets back."
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Although the admissions come from US contestants, given the full platters that seem to remain at the end of our Aussie Bachelor dates, we can safely assume it's a similar situation.

Our next question - who DOES get to eat the food?

While we're all for the deep and meaningful relationship convos and kisses that ensue on screen during the dates, will someone please think of the abandoned cheese and crackers?

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