8 (realistic) ways to reinvigorate your life.

Isuzu UTE
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It’s estimated that at least 93.5 per cent of the population spend approximately one quarter of their days fantasising about what living a better lifestyle would really be like.*

This kind of thinking generally peaks on Monday mornings during the commute to work. I mean, imagine spending your days sunning yourself in Ibiza or hitting the slopes at Aspen instead of schlepping to work? Heaven.

Ok – so that might be a tad unrealistic. But that doesn’t mean that a super stylish life can’t be yours.

There are plenty of surprisingly simple tweaks to seriously enhance your lifestyle, without the need for a Kardashian-level salary.

1. Invest in good quality linen.

You know that el cheapo doona cover and sheet set you’ve had for the last five years? It doesn’t exactly scream ‘perfect lifestyle’ now, does it? More like hostel or dorm room than sophisticated adult.

But doing things differently with a brand new set of high thread count linen not only ups the style stakes in your bedroom, but also helps make you feel like you’ve got it together.

2. Pimp your space.

If your décor hasn’t had an update since One Direction first hit the airways, it may be time for a refresh. We humans are visual creatures and creating a stylish sanctuary can really enhance your life.

The best part? Mixing your high street and high end is what all the cool kids are doing. Invest a bit of coin in something beautiful, a Diptyque scented candle or limited edition lamp, and balance it out with your other bits and pieces.

3. Re-think your transport.

Spinning the wheels of a car that not only looks great but gives you the freedom to do exactly what you want to do is a hallmark trait of a great lifestyle.

The seven-seat Isuzu MU-X combines gorgeous good looks (think a streamlined exterior and super sleek interior complete with Bluetooth connectivity, sat nav and reversing camera) with plenty of power for towing your speedboat or taking things off road.

You’ve even got 14 individual cup holders, a pimped out stereo system and a DVD player to keep the whole posse happy. Nice.


4. Go for Gold.

Whether it’s Gold Class at the movies or that fancier bottle of red at your favourite restaurant, commit to saying ‘yes’ to that upgrade every now and then. It doesn’t have to be a weekly thing or even a monthly thing, but treating yourself every now and then is one of the best ways to reinforce that you are worth it.

5. Mix things up.

Does Friday night always equal Thai takeaway on the couch with Saturdays including a trip to the markets and lunch at the pub? Throw a spanner in your works and mix things up a little bit. Check out the restaurant reviews for your local area. Is there a brand spanking new Thai place you could eat in at?

What about checking out that new Gastro-Pub that’s opened a few suburbs over? Living your best life doesn’t have to mean straying too far from your comfort zone. Do the stuff you love, but just do things slightly differently to add a stylish edge.

6. Just one thing.

Changing just one thing about your daily look can have a huge impact. While blinged out talons or a purple pout may not be your thing, experimenting with nail colour, trying out a new lippie or even giving a spray tan a go instantly adds a touch of glam to your everyday.

7. Bloomin’ beautiful.

When was the last time you invested in a beautiful bunch of fresh blooms? There’s something a little bit wonderful about filling a vase with your favourites and it certainly adds a nice touch to your dining table or buffet. Check out your local flower markets or the florist towards the end of the day for gorgeous bouquets at a fraction of the price.

8. Invest in the essentials.

There are certain things that automatically assume the ‘stylish’ label. Beautifully manicured nails, a glossy mane, a gorgeous, well made handbag and/or wallet. Invest in those things. And enjoy them when you make the purchase. You worked for it.

There you have it – eight simple ways of doing things a little differently that will enhance your lifestyle. Guaranteed.

*Stats may or may not be entirely fabricated.

 How do you invigorate your everyday life?