Easy ways to exercise that don't include active-wear.

It’s either the love of your life, or the bane of your existence.


Radio presenter Robin Bailey loves it. Author Rebecca Sparrow? Not so much.

It’s fitting that together the pair host for Mamamia’s well-being podcast, The Well, because this week, Robin shares her top easy ways to exercise with Bec, and we’re taking them on board, too.

Hear Bec Sparrow talk about body image, exercise, and the media, in our latest episode of the show. (Post continues after audio.)

Think of it in 10 minute blocks.

Rather than think of working out as 30 minutes a day, Robin says to think of it as three blocks of ten minutes.

“You can set your watch and walk for ten minutes, walk around the house of whatever.” she says.

No lycra needed, no fancy sneakers or heart rate monitors.  Just bite sized pieces of movement that all add up.

Make your social time slightly more active.

Catch-ups over brunch are always a treat, but if you’re up for something new, knock off your workout and catch up in one.

Instead of cafe-hopping or hitting the cinema, try something a little more active. You could go for a walk around the parks where you live, catch up over a group class, go for a swim together, or even hit up lazer tag. Whatever you fancy really, it’s win win, because you’re catching up, the time will go faster. Who couldn’t love that?

Don’t fight the fidgets.

Fidgeters can rejoice about Robin’s next tip –  because whether you’re a chair swivel-er, toe tapper, or are particularly expressive with you hands, it’s all fitness in our book, people.

“You can actually burn 108 extra calories daily, just by refusing to sit still.” Robin explains.


Sam Wood shows Mamamia five simple workouts that you can do any where… (Post continues after video.)

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Swap your office chair for a fit ball.

“Get yourself one of those fit balls, ’cause what it does is a sneaky way to strengthen your core muscles, and lower back muscles, improve your posture, and even burn a few extra calories just by getting your bum on it…I use a fit ball at work, I don’t have a chair…and I don’t do it because I’m trying to improve my core strength particularly, I just find them more comfortable.”

Listen to a podcast.

Podcasts are so engrossing that you won’t even realise you’re exercising when you listen to them – or you’ll want to keep going so you can listen to another. There are some many incredible shows out there you will find one on topics you’ll love to listen to, like our podcasts from Mia Freedman’s No Filter, to Mamamia Out Loud to The Well, of course…

If you’re time poor – skipping could be the answer.

No – not skipping the whole workout…like actually skipping, with a rope. It’s the exercise that is the beneficial in the least amount of time.

“You can have a skipping rope in the back of your car, and while you’re waiting, like in my case, waiting for the kids to finish soccer training, I can just go behind a tree and skip. I know that sounds odd, but they already think I’m odd, so it doesn’t matter….five to ten minutes of skipping can burn 110 calories.” Robin says.

Also on The Well this week – many of us have a love/hate relationship with exercise, but the health benefits can’t be ignored. Plus, we look at how the “fitspiration” movement can do more harm than good, why our notions of exercise revolve around body image, and how to ignore all that.