The runway hairstyle ANYONE can do.

Image via Lucas Dawson

While taking inspiration from the runway is all very well and good, sometimes the looks just don’t translate to our everyday lives.

Forget theatrical backcombing, statement making mohawks (for real) and any other styles that require three pairs of hands at once – I have trouble blow drying my own hair, for goodness sake. But not this time.

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For the Kookai A/W ’15 Runway, L’Oreal Director of Hair Joe Cotroneo sent models out rocking what’s being pegged as the hairstyle of the season.

And it’s one anyone can easily recreate at home. In fact, you probably did it the other day without even thinking.

Yes, the humble ponytail is back – but not as you know it.

Can't decide between a braid and a ponytail? Here's you answer. Image via Lucas Dawson

Inspired by the clothes on the runway, the ponytails were neat and sleek with a modern touch."The difference with this ponytail that makes it so on trend is the braid feature at the back which is the focal point," Joe says.

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"We did a braid from the base of the ponytail, weaving it halfway down, then left the rest to flow naturally and create movement.

"Keep the ponytail mid height so the feature can be seen, and pair it with the side part, which will also be big this season" he says.

 Get the look

Image via The Glow

1. Start with straight hair, either blow dried or using a straightener. Don't forget to apply a heat protection spray.

2. Comb your hair into a side part.

3. Apply a mousse at the root area to get a bit of texture - Joe uses L'Oreal Professionel Tecni Art Volume Lift Mousse.

4. Secure hair into a mid height ponytail, and apply Scruff Me Soft Gel to slick the hair into place.

5. Braid the ponytail, stopping when you reach halfway down. Secure with a hair tie.

6. Finish off the sleek look with some Crystal Gloss and Air Fix hairspray to hold it in place.

Image via Lucas Dawson


Will you be giving this hairstyle a go? How do you add a twist to the classic ponytail?