YES PLEASE: How an empty Coca Cola bottle can help you save $1000s.


Alongside online shopping and the rise of super convenient food delivery apps like Menulog and Uber Eats, there’s no denying that saving money can be seriously hard work.

But luckily for those of us that struggle to save a few extra bucks, there’s a new saving hack that can make it a whole lot easier.

The best part? All you need is an empty Coca Cola bottle – and a little bit of patience, of course.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, completely filling a 600mL bottle of Coca Cola with $2 coins will save you an easy $880.

Aptly named ‘the $2 challenge’, all you need to do is simply wash and dry the empty 600mL bottle once used and it becomes your very own DIY piggy bank.

Every time you have a spare $2 coin, simply add it to the bottle and once full you’ll have an extra $880 to your name.

One 600mL bottle = $880. Image: Eprapah Scout Environment Education Centre Facebook.

Easy peasy.

Have a bigger goal in mind? It's just as doable.

Swapping out a 600mL bottle for a 1.25L bottle could save you over $1500 once filled with $2 coins.

And if you want to get your kids in on the saving hack too, a 250mL bottle will hold approximately $350 worth of coins.

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The '$2 challenge' is just one of many easy money saving hacks that has become popular in recent years.

Another tip? Every time you pay for something and get change – save every single $5 note.

According to Marie Campagna Franklin's blog Save Money Fast With Fivesthis tip has saved her $50,000 in 13 years.

Okay, we're sold.

Marie recommends withdrawing cash to spend on daily purchases like petrol, groceries and food to be more conscious of your spending habits and to save as many $5 notes as possible.

The Barefoot Investor Scott Pape shares his number 1 money tip for single women.

Got any genius money saving tips? Let us know down below.