The infuriatingly simple things that people get wrong all the time.

We’re always saying, “Use your common sense,” to our children.

Except if you’ve ever had to catch a train to work, stand in a crowded line at the supermarket, or… well… do anything, you’d known that common sense isn’t so common.

A bunch of Reddit users have shared the things that infuriate us on a daily basis, and we couldn't agree more:

1. 'Changing lanes through an intersection.'

2. 'People who walk into a crowded lift BEFORE people have a chance to exit are inconsiderate, stupid, and deserve to be roughly shoved onto their asses.'

3. '"Please can those passengers with disabilities, small children and those flying First and Business Class please proceed to boarding...." Cue 200 passengers jumping up and queuing to get on.'

4. 'People who confuse the words lose and loose.'


5. 'Standing in doorways. It's an entrance or an exit not a hangout. Use it and get moving.'

6. 'Just give me a little space when you're standing in line behind me at the supermarket. Breathing on me isn't going to make the line go faster.'

7. 'Turn on their turn signal only once they've already started turning... Oh thanks for warning me that you're already doing something.'

8. 'Making hamburgers too tall, if you can't fit it in your mouth then it has failed its job as a hamburger.'

9. 'People who capitalise a letter on a computer by hitting capslock-letter-capslock.'

10. 'Put the toilet roll so that the end you use is facing the wall. The toilet roll should be placed so that it pulls off furthest from the wall.'


11. 'People who put their bag on the seat on a crowded train carriage.'

12. 'Pouring the milk, before the cereal.'

13. 'Keeping Nutella in a fridge!!!! Every trip to my in-laws is aggravating.'

14. 'Walking. If you're going to be taking your time, or you physically can not walk at a normal pace, keep to the right and get out of the way.'

15. 'Putting apostrophe's [sic] where they don't belong.'

What is something simple that people do wrong all the time?

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