CULT BUY: The $25 fascinator alternative that absolutely anyone can wear.

It’s officially under a week until Melbourne Cup Day. Great.

For experienced punters, this statement isn’t cause for alarm. But that’s not why you’re here, is it?

You’re here because, like, ahem, this writer, you have no bloody clue how fascinators work and thus have left that component of your race day outfit to the last minute.

It’s OK. Not all is lost, because we’ve found the easiest all rounder fascinator to solve your woes.

Remember the humble flower crown? This, friends, is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Flower crowns aren’t new. Chances are you’ve worn one to a festival of some description. Or a hens day. Or a kitchen tea. You get the idea.

But sometimes it’s helpful to have a reminder as to why you loved something so much in the first place.

See, so versatile! Image: Instagram.

Firstly, it's a style that looks great on everyone. Literally, everyone. Even your dog would look like a million bucks in a pup sized flower crown.

They're also a great way to inject some colour into your outfit. Especially if you haven't had time to buy a bright, Melbourne Cup dress - dig out a trusty black or navy dress from your wardrobe, and use your flower crown and some lippy to brighten things up.

And they're easy. Just whack it on and forget about it, no intricate hair styling needed.


Aside from all of those good things, the best bit about making a flower crown your Melbourne Cup fascinator is... you can pretty much buy one anywhere, and come home with some change in your pocket.

To make it even easier, here are a bunch of our favourite fascinators you can stil buy in-store or online in time for Tuesday.

Leather and Fields Blue and White Rose Fascinator, $25.

Lovisa Statement Flower Crown, $21.99.

Image: Lovisa.

Forever New Marie Oversized Flower Crown, $52.49.

Image: Forever New.

Forever New Chloe PU Flower Fascinator, $34.99.

Image: The Iconic.

Sportsgirl Floral Headbands, all $24.95.

Image: Instagram.

Morgan & Taylor Gloria Headband, $39.95.

Image: The Iconic.