Just 3 home workouts that will easily fit into any routine, according to a fitness expert.

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I’ve discovered the biggest myth about exercise, and now I can’t stop telling people about it.

It’s motivation.

Specifically, motivation IS the myth.

Or to be slightly more specific, people who exercise consistently don’t do it because they are motivated. They do it because they make it part of their routine.

I’m obsessed with this because it removes morality from exercise. Motivation is so tied up with being good or bad, with guilt and personality. Routine just isn’t.

And critically, anyone can start a routine.

Here's a little confession, though. 

This workout wisdom isn’t my own. It’s from Nicolette Casarotto, certified fitness instructor, nutritionist and Optus Sport content producer. Nicolette is one of Fitness on Optus Sport's amazing and friendly expert trainers.

Nicolette Casarotto. Image: Supplied. 

"It’s really important to remove the word 'motivation' from exercise and not focus on it at all. Motivation comes and goes, and if we always rely on 'feeling like a workout', we will have so many more ups and downs with our training," Nicolette tells Mamamia.

"Instead, focus on consistency and create a routine that includes your workouts. Plan them into your schedule at the start of the week to help hold yourself accountable and stick with them. This way your workouts then become a part of your routine, the same as going to work or cleaning the house — you don’t think about it, you just do it. And when we choose workouts we love and not because 'we think we have to', we are more likely to turn up and do the work."

As a mum of two small children, who works full-time and is best described as sportingly hesitant, this really speaks to me. Honestly, I never feel like exercising. 


I’m “too busy” to go to the fun reformer pilates classes I used to get to before kids. My earbuds fall out when I run. Lunchtime adult netball is my worst fear. It’s “too hard” to organise childcare. The classes near me either aren’t on at the “right times” or would require a second mortgage. 

What finally worked for me was scheduling daily blocks of time in which I do a pilates workout at home. While I watch TV. It’s not record-breaking and I rarely break a sweat, but it’s enough to make me feel smug when I look at the tracker on my smart watch.

According to Nicolette, a smart watch can actually be the secret if you are struggling with getting into a routine or getting back into fitness. 

"Having a smart watch is great to help you set some goals and hold yourself accountable. It might be a goal of hitting 10K steps a day, 30 minutes of activity or even reminders to standup. Have a goal and a way to hold yourself accountable," she says.

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What do I need to get started? 

Other essentials Nicolette recommends for a home workout? Get a good workout mat and some light weights. 

"It's really important to have some resistance training in your routine each week, even if it's only a little bit. 

"It's so crucial for our health down the line to support our bones, joints and overall strength. It is so easy to do weights at home, especially if you don’t have confidence to do this in a gym, and Fitness on Optus Sport can support you in this with at home weight sessions from 10-45 minutes."

So, how often do we need to work out? Well, Nicolette suggests 30 minutes a day is the ideal. 

"I think aiming for 3-5 really good sessions a week of the workout you enjoy the most is important. For example, boxing, weights, cardio and then on your off days focusing on walking, general movement, maybe some yoga or stretching."

Nicolette has three simple home workouts that will easily fit into any routine, whatever your goal.

1. If you’re looking to get sweaty

Phase 1: AMRAP

8 minutes, aiming for five rounds.

This round is about speed, focusing on a full body and weight workout. This is designed to get you sweating if you have minimal time. 

  • 10 squats  
  • 10 reverse lunges 
  • 10 push-ups 
  • 10 tricep dips 
  • 3 burpees 

Phase 2: 8 minute boxing tabata

8 minutes, 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

This boxing round is focused on speed to get the heart rate up with short rounds and regular rest. This can be done with no equipment at all, on a boxing bag or hitting pads if you have a partner to train with. 

  • BLOCK 1: 2 minutes of speed straight punches 
  • BLOCK 2: 2 minutes of speed upper cuts 
  • BLOCK 3: 2 minute block of jab, cross, front hook 
  • BLOCK 4: 2 minute block of jab, cross, front hook, cross

2. If you’re looking to get strong

This workout involves weights to help build and maintain muscle. It’s a full-body workout designed to get you moving and sweating straight away. 

Complete five sets of the following with 20 seconds rest between each movement and one minute rest between each set. 

  • 8 goblet squats: With your feet hip width apart, hold a weight at your chest as you squat. Think about pushing the floor away as you come up from the bottom of that squat.
  • 8 alternating bicep curls: Keeping your arms straight at your side and your elbows tucked, bend your elbow to 90 degrees and slowly bring it back down. Four each side, move through these curls slow and controlled.
  • 8 alternating reverse lunges: Hold one weight per hand as you step back into a reverse lunge slow and controlled. Four each side.
  • 8 alternating standing shoulder presses: Holding two dumbbells around shoulder height, push the weights up to the sky nice and fast, and bring them back to your shoulder slow and controlled. Four each side.
  • 5 push-ups: You can drop to your knee or use a bench for an incline push up.
  • 5 kettlebell swing: Sink the hips back into a hinge position and snap the hips through driving the kettlebell to chest height.

3. If you’re looking to get zen

These workouts are ideal for your off days to get your body moving.

Follow a 20 minute yoga flow, like Yoga for the Hips and Shoulders with Kate Kendall from Flow Athletic, which you can access for free with Fitness on Optus Sport.

Alternatively grab your earphones, and get outside for a 30-minute walk to your favourite playlist or audiobook.

For more easy, at home workouts on demand, check out Fitness on Optus Sport

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