'I'm a personal trainer. Here are 5 easy hacks to get more movement into your day.'

Stand up and sit down 10 times right now. 

It's okay, I'll wait.

You see, exercise doesn't have to be reserved for organised activities at a designated time of the day. Moments in your day are perfect pockets to do something that adds up over time, like standing up and sitting back down – even better if you're sitting on the floor (even weirder if you're doing this at work). 

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Standing up and sitting down is basically a squat movement and activates the muscles in your lower body and gets multiple joints moving. This is also a functional exercise as it replicates movement patterns you would do in everyday life. 

Want more exercise hacks? Read on...

Microwave moments.

This is a pocket of time where staring intently at a spinning inanimate object can be replaced with something more productive, like a push-up. Place your hands on the edge of the kitchen bench about shoulder distance apart, shuffle your feet a little behind you so your body is on an angle and now bend and straighten your arms. Boom – you've completed a set of push-ups while your microwave rice heats up.

As stated in the previous email...

Before you hit send on a rage-fuelled email, use the time to stretch your back. Place your forearms on your desk and without lifting your bum off the chair, grow as tall as you can – imagine the top of your head is being pulled toward the ceiling and your shoulders being pulled away from your ears. You will feel amazing relief and decompression through your back and, winner-winner chicken dinner, you'll have simmered down enough to rethink that email.


I know, I know.

This next tip is rolled out all the time in articles like this (far less hilarious articles, obvs), but hear me out: park your car further from your destination. Get off one stop earlier on public transport. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. These are the easy-peasiest way to get movement into your day without even thinking, trying or going out of your way... quite frankly my 3 favourite activities.

And if you're not in a position to move RIGHT NOW...

Reach out to a friend.

If you're, say, a surgeon, and sitting down-and-standing up is not pertinent advice at this point in time, perhaps once you have finished replacing the innards of your patient (presuming that's what you are doing), reach out to a friend who you admire for their commitment to fitness. Drop them a line and find out what they do as part of their regime and ask if you could one day join them. Trying something new with your friend in tow takes away the fear and intimidation factor and they can show you the ropes.

I know you're online right now.

So, look up gyms in your area or [insert activity you have always wanted to do] in your area. I'm not saying go, I'm just saying look. Are you a little curious? Do they offer a free trial? Could you organise a time to go in and just have a look-see? None of these activities are commitments, just information gathering and planting a little seedling in your mind.

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As a fitness professional, movement has given me a quality of life (mentally, physically, socially to name a few) that no amount of money can buy. I'm in the industry precisely because I want to introduce and share these benefits to the masses. My wish for you is that these tips are a gateway drug into the possibilities, or at the very least, to reconsider emails and save you your job.

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