6 sparkling wine cocktails you need to try at home.

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Light, summery and fizzy cocktails are having a moment, and goodness gracious, what a time to be alive.

No longer do we all have to pretend to enjoy spirits that are downright awful. We’ve all come to agree that life is far too short.

That’s why Chandon Australia’s sparkling range has always been such a staple. Everyone knows you can’t go wrong. It’s light yet zesty, and dry with a refreshing finish. It’s always been the very best way to mark a special occasion or, you know, just… any occasion.

But sometimes we might feel like mixing it up a little.

Whether it’s a summer brunch with the family, a cosy night in with your partner, or a Sunday spring afternoon with friends, there are a bunch of really simple cocktails you can make with just a handful of ingredients, and a bottle of Chandon.

With a few natural ingredients thrown in for good measure, here are our six favourites.

1. Chandon Floral Spritz

Ingredients (for each glass):


25ml St Germain Elderflower

10ml fresh grapefruit

Two edible flowers

Chandon Sparkling Rosé

A Chandon Floral Spritz is perfect for a warm day, or a special brunch with friends.

It’s light, crisp and fun, offering just enough sweetness without going over the top. Serving suggestion? In a coupe glass, with a slice of grapefruit on the side.

Just mix the ingredients together, and then pour over ice. Garnish with a few edible flowers, and suddenly, you have the perfect drink for a spring or summer aperitif.


2. Ginger Mojito

Ingredients (for each glass):

15ml ginger liqueur

15ml lime juice

Chandon Brut

Fresh mint

There’s something so classic about a mojito – it’s simply the perfect summer drink.

Tasty and balanced, the ginger mojito adds that extra little kick to impress your friends. It can be garnished with a slice of lime, and is best served in a highball glass over ice.

Ginger Mojitos. Image via Getty.
Ginger Mojitos. Image via Getty.

3. Green Bouquet


20ml gin

30ml lime juice

20ml sugar syrup

Mint leaves, dill or soft herbs


Chandon Brut Rosé

Whether you're picking them from your own little herb terrarium on the balcony or buying them straight from the shops, fresh herbs add that je ne sais quoi that will elevate your homemade cocktails.

Try an elegant Green Bouquet in a highball, shaking all ingredients except your sparkling of course.

Strain the mix into a highball glass, carefully pour your Chandon Rosé in, and top with those naturally aromatic touches of mint, dill and basil - the bouquet in question. Green and keen!

Chandon Rose
Green Bouquet all the way. Image: Chandon.

4. Bloom Salute

50ml cranberry juice

20ml Aperol

10ml Monin hibiscus syrup

1 dash orange blossom water

Chandon Brut Rosé

In keeping with the spring/summer feeling in the air, this blooming brilliant cocktail is a breezy aperitif that goes beyond the usual Spritz because of its special delicate little details.

Hibiscus syrup may not be something we've all got readily in the pantry, but you won't be sorry if you add it to your entertaining cocktail must-have ingredient list.

Build all the ingredients in a wineglass and add ice. And give yourself a salute for doing such a great job.

Chandon and Aperol together at last, in the Bloom Salute. Image: Chandon.

5. Chandon Orange Zest

Ingredients (for each glass):


A twist of orange

Chandon S with orange bitters

This cocktail is as simple as it gets, and really heroes the flavours of Chandon S, a refreshing aromatic sparkling specially crafted with orange bitters.

Fill a tumbler glass with ice and pour Chandon S over the top. Just garnish with a twist of orange and you're ready to go. It's great for a last-minute get together or a date night in - it's light, crisp and zesty.


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Our TWIST on Sparkling Just add Chandon S, ice and garnish with a twist of orange ????#ChandonS

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6. Strawberries and Rosé

Ingredients (for a batch):

Fresh lime juice

Fresh strawberries

Fresh basil sprigs for garnish

Chandon Brut Rosé


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Pour the mixture into a jug and mix it, before putting some ice in a lowball glass and pouring. Strawberries and Rose is cool and fresh, and can be topped off with a basil garnish. It looks as beautiful as it tastes.

These six cocktails are completely hassle free and require none of the fancy equipment.

Cocktails shouldn't just be reserved for an expensive night out. Instead, they can be paired with everyday moments, to make them just that little bit more special.
What are your sparkling cocktail go-tos?

*Enjoy these drinks responsibly.


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